Announcing The Open Organization Leaders Manual (v2.2)

The Open Organization community is pleased to announce a new version of The Open Organization Leaders Manual, Second Edition. The book is available now as a Creative Commons-licensed download and as a paperback from publishing partner Lulu.

Notable changes

Version 2.2 of The Open Organization Leaders Manual, Second Edition features the following changes and enhancements:

About the book

From the publisher:

Let’s face it: The nature of work is changing. So the way we lead must change with it. In The Open Organization (Harvard Business Review Press), Red Hat president and CEO Jim Whitehurst explained how principles from open source software communities actually provide the tools for coping with—and thriving in—a context of rapid and unending change. In The Open Organization Leaders Manual, a community of open-minded writers, consultants, speakers, and educators explains how those same open principles can help leaders refine their approaches to setting goals, building organizational cultures, and motivating teams. Newly revised and significantly expanded in its second edition, this book is for anyone interested in building more transparent, agile, collaborative, and mission-driven organizations.

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The Open Organization Leaders Manual,Second Edition is available directly from the Open Organization project website, or with source code from GitHub. The community also benefits from additional hosting and support from

Paperback versions of the book are available from Lulu. Please note that this book is sold entirely at cost.

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Dear community members ,

I am honored to enter this community with a brand new chapter in the manual. So, let’s introduce myself in short. I am Jos Groen from the Netherlands and 47 years of age. It’s my passion and profession to lead and transform traditional and bad performing organizations to Open. And that is why I lived through the hybrid period and transformation to an open and sustainably successful organization a couple of times in my career.

deserve an open working environment that facilitates their growth, prosperity and value creation within an optimally profitable organization. And it is through that transformation, the organization is connected to the potential that wants to unfold. In order to utilize this potential, creating a clear vision, direction, and identity go hand in hand with optimizing the organization and the results. This creates serenity that allows people to connect their talents, resourcefulness, and uniqueness to this direction. The continuous value created by this will ensure sustainable success. By arranging this balance between people and business, I can give the organization back to the people.

I’d love to share insights and experiences and learn from you all! And of course I’m open to any future contribution to the beautiful work of you all. So thank you Carrie Carrasco and Bryan for giving me the opportunity to contribute.

If you want to learn more about me, please check my profile on the community page or for the Info section, more articles, blogs and my professional career.

Kind regards,

Jos Groen

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Welcome, @JosGroen! Thanks for this great introduction, and for your recent (and excellent) contribution to the latest version of The Open Organization Leaders Manual. As I read your bio, your philosophy, and your enthusiasm for organizational openness, I can only say that you’ve found the right place, and that I look forward to learning from you.

Please take a look around our forum here and dive into any of the ongoing conversations and projects and interest you. And don’t hesitate to ask any Open Organization Ambassador for guidance as you do.