April 11, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 13:00 UTC / 14:00 CET

Meet Ben Cotton

  • Program manager for Fedora; been community moderator at Opensource.com for many years; what are the effects of our work on people?
  • “I think computers are a mistake, but since we have them, we should consider their effects on people who use them.”

Ambassador Updates

  • Heidi: Guesses she published an article today? (She did. It’s great.) Now working on an article about “customer empowerment” and what that means; how can businesses design and build empowerment structures (using Nordstrom as an example); how can we help people use their best judgement with as little risk as possible? How can we apply this to other types of industries (beyond retail)?
  • Jen: (useful tip: https://conferencemonkey.org/), been staring at a computer for two weeks; nice to talk to people; bangs are on fleek :100:; blockchain project delayed a bit (maybe beginning of May?); spening “an exorbitant amount of time” working on learning labs (16 hours on the phone last week alone, just explaining collaborative concepts); also putting together a repository of “thinking tools”; this will be open sourced/Creative Commons’ed; upcoming forum will be 800+ in attendance (200 or 300 through the lab); Interesting article to prove open and why now: Top 10 Skills in 2019
  • Ben Cotton: Publishing 23 Apr: Reactive vs resilient (yep!); working on: “perception is reality”; ideas: several that I apparently didn’t add to my Trello board; will be at Red Hat Summit
  • Laura: Working on “Greenpeace-y stuff”; working with Red Hat to build bridge between GP and RH; meeting scheduled for next month; there will likely be some sort of jig on call/recording next month; still writing the book (Maaaaaaybe Zombies? We’re not sure); cloudgazing yesterday
  • Jimmy: I’m awaiting a reply from the conference Agila Sverige in the end of April if my pitch of Open Organization will be accepted.
  • Allison: Getting ready for Summit and Mile High Agile (Bryan we should look at booth schedule finally); causing cultural mischief in engineering; Beyond engagement: What open leaders need to know about empowering others (20 min); Passing the “stink test”: Making digital transformation more palatable to engineers (45 min); “Boss” is a four-letter word: Managing people in the age of digital transformation (60 min); Lots of interesting live-action research on open decisions and cultural distinctions between engineers and other groups
  • Angela: Just got back from Israel, working with teams there; lots of new experiences around transparency and openness; working through change management the open way

Publishing Updates

  • Next week’s dynamic duo: Ben Owens and Jen Kelchner
  • Now scheduling May
  • Publishing one or two extra articles per month (huzzah!), so we’ll have more slots available to feature ambassador work
  • The “Open Organization Highlights” newsletter is making a triumphant return
    • Published monthly
    • Collects all our work published that month, additional reading, links to resources, etc.
    • Ambassadors are welcome to participate!

Article Series

Summit 2019 Update

  • Bryan apologizes for being kind of a doofus (It’s okay, friend.
  • Summit 2019 presence, plans and goals, and time for discussion and feedback
  • Now available for preview: The Summit Booth Experience