April 13, 2023 Meeting

April 13, 2023 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 08:30 Eastern / 13:30 UTC / 14:30 CET


  • Jimmy Sjölund
  • Ron McFarland
  • Ben Owens
  • Bryan Behrenshausen
  • Jos Groen

Project Updates

The Open Leadership Assessment

(Notes from the meeting 15 February):
How to evolve and maintain? In the next session brainstorm how we go forward.
Could we do a pilot to test online with a few communities. Reasons - test use, socialize that organizations can use this for their open networks (Heather and Shabnoor - maybe to explore)

Postponing this discussion to next meeting.

Translating Open principles to other languages

Ron brought up a question if there would be interest in translating to other languages. Ron was involved in an assessment project similar to the Open Leadership assessment where they translated between Japanese and English. There was an addition of a Dutch translation of the Open Organization definition in 2019. If there are incoming requests we will look into providing translations.

Publication Updates


March 24, 2023
Open source maps and open data help humanitarian response by Heather Leson, Said Turksever, Batuhan Kavlak, Orkut Murat Yılmaz, and Can Unen.

Ron: Working on series on sharing economies (three-part series); currently in the editing queue

Open Org TV

No updates.

Ambassador Updates

Jimmy Sjölund

No update since last meeting.

Bryan Behrenshausen

Now a certified trainer in TeamOps, GitLab’s particular style of open organizational practice. Did my first training seminar this week. Also still working on transferring all our article archives to GitHub.

Ron McFarland

Discussion on ChatGPT, if and how we use it. Preparing an article combining principles from three books on open organization and startups using ChatGPT for an outline, and then write the article from that.

Ben Owens

Been busy with workshops, Teacher-powered schools as one example.

Jos Groen

Submitting an article to the community. Consultancy job with a hospital, first time in the health care environment, where they are exploring the power of transparency among other things.

Next meeting

Next Ambassador meeting will be on the 8th of May at 08:30 EST / 14:30 CEST / 21:30 JST.

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I don’t see a posting for a May, 2023 meeting. Will there be a meeting scheduled for June, 2023?

Thanks! The meetings notes for May was there but as it contained some internal information I had to clean it up a bit and then forgot to make it public, sorry… Now it should be visible for everyone.

Thanks, @Jimmy and @scottworthington! A meeting agenda is open for input.