April 14, 2022 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770
Video: https://redhat.bluejeans.com/4569610770/


  • Jimmy Sjölund
  • Ron McFarland
  • Bryan Behrenshausen

Updates on liaison to Opensource.com

  • Bryan met with the Opensource.com team to ensure community members can continue publishing work on Opensource.com after his departure. The Opensource.com team has allocated dedicated editorial resources to help OpenOrg community continue their writing.
  • The community’s contact at Opensource.com is AmyJune Hineline. Authors can send their materials directly to AmyJune (ahinelin@redhat.com), who will work with them in the same capacity Bryan has.
  • We discuss Opensource.com’s offer to install an OpenOrg community member in the Opensource.com Correspondents program and act as liaison between our community and the larger writing community there.

Expanding community governance roles and structures

  • Bryan’s upcoming transition creates opportunities for re-imagining project governance. Jimmy walks us through some ideas he’s had.
  • See the planning document for all the details. Jimmy proposes a number of new maintainer-level community roles we can refine and fill. The document invites feedback and ideas for additional ones.
  • Jimmy volunteers to assume the dual roles of multimedia materials maintainer and infrastructure maintainer.
  • Bryan and Jimmy will connect with additional Open Organization Ambassadors to inquire about possibilities for filling community roles.