August 15, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CEST

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770

Ambassador Updates

Jen: In Florida for the time being, likely through All Things Open. Looking for some work she can do remotely from there. Working with the Red Hat team in Europe (government/public sector) on “seamless government.” Jen will be leading a workshop—hopefully with Laura! Topics include inclusion, cybersecurity, NGOs, and more. Jen also speaking at a government symposium in D.C. Working on a series on learning agility (it’s a four-art series).

Heather: Beaming in from sunny Geneva. Received her copy of The State of Open Data (new book published from the Canadian government). Thinking about how to help large institution move forward with openness and open practices. Working on digital transformation practices. Passing along Leaders Manual to colleagues (interested in difference between “management” and “leadership”). How do we demonstrate open culture shift across cultures and departments? Will being working with a colleague at Red Cross on open leadership article.

Ron: Just published an article on energy, burnout, and fatigue. Very successful on, receiving lots of great comments on the piece. It’s based on a former presentation on the issue. Still working with the Austrian company that decomissions power plants. This is an incredibly collaborative effort, building a community together to solve a gigantic problem at global scale. This involves corporations, governments, trade bodies, etc. Brokering these conversations is tricky.

Angela: Working in an organization undergoing a big change, and leaders and demonstrating different styles of open leadership. Thinking about microfeedback and micromentoring. Reading The Culture Code. How does culture shape high-performing organizations? Writing a book review about it.

Jimmy: Last few months, company undergoing large-scale transformation and it’s keep Jimmy very busy (and on top of that, he’s moved house and rennovating). A few articles percolating.

Laura: Going to Open Source Summit (and recommends applying for travel funding). Speaking on unconscoius bias, inclusivity, and more. As a result, won’t be making All Things Open this year. Summer has ended in Dresden. Working on a new series for on her work at Greenpeace. Just returned from the U.S. visiting family. Welcomed back to Germany with two weeks of oustanding to-do items.

Publication Updates

Project Updates

  • The Guide for Educators has passed another significant milestone and is now “content complete.” We’re still targeting a September 10 release in time for back-to-school season.
  • Want to help out? Plenty of chapters to read and proof!

Open Organization Capability Assessment

  • Red Hat team working on an open source tool that operationalizes the Open Organization Maturity Model
  • It’s now in beta and on GitHub accepting comment and contribution
  • Bryan has already submitted a few modifications/suggestions and others can, too

All Things Open

  • Glimpse of the current headcount. Accurate?
  • Is everyone registered? Let Bryan know ASAP if you want/need help.
  • Next up: Getting people lodging
  • Setting up some time for us to spend together
    • Bryan will secure large workspace at Red Hat Tower for us to gather, plan, learn, and engage in some activities together.
    • What are folks preferences here?
    • Who is planning to attend the D&I activities on Sunday?
    • Some ideas from @jenkelchner:
      • Live podcast?
      • Collect audio and video of ambassadors?
      • Live #OpenorgChat?
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