August 16, 2023 Meeting

August 16, 2023 Meeting

Meeting at 08:30 Eastern / 13:30 UTC / 14:30 CET


  • Laura Hilliger
  • Jos Groen
  • Jimmy Sjolund
  • Heidi Hess von Ludewig
  • Allison Matlack
  • Ron McFarland
  • Bryan Behrenshausen
  • Heather Leson

Project Updates

Apologies to people who were unable to attend, we are unable to record and will thus try to take decent notes. Thanks Laura for helping out, taking notes! Thanks Bryan and Heidi, for formatting all the things :slight_smile:

Infrastructure updates and notes

  • Red Hat IT is retiring Listman (external mailing lists hosted on and will use Google Groups for external mailing lists by Aug 30. This affects our mailing list and the archives at


Do we need a mailing list?

  • Bryan is in favour of retiring the list; it was spun up a long time ago, and we’ve migrated to Discourse. No need to keep the list. We voted to move all regular community communications to Discourse. Most people who are interested in the community have already migrated to Discourse.
  • Jimmy agrees :slight_smile: We will send one final email to the list and ask them to go to Discourse and sign up. Jimmy is going to write and send that email.
  • See historial discussion: A Discourse on Discourse

Discourse update

  • Discourse was renewed and will continue to run until June 2024.
  • Jimmy discussed with OSPO and asked if they will continue to sponsor Open Org. They will provided the project if it shows a growth in activity.
  • Jimmy has been looking at the Discourse stats, we have about 25 anonymous users daily. We have some interesting spikes. Spikes tend to be around our monthly meetings.
  • Heidi: Need to have a think about Discourse and whether we want to keep it, which means using it, getting more people to use it, etc

Status of our infrastructure

  • we own website but URLs under RH control
    • Renewal of domains:
      • Registry Expiry Date: 2023-10-16
      • Registry Expiry Date: 2024-05-04
      • Registry Expiry Date: 2024-06-16
  • Jos has some URLs that are Open Org related, so that’s cool :slight_smile: aka the “strategic URL reserve”

Publication Updates

New LinkedIn group

Shabnoor has created a new LinkedIn group devoted to open leadership: Open Leadership Community.

Status of

  • Community still working on
  • See most recent updatE:
  • Consider joining the new mailing list to stay on top of migration updates:

Getting review help for articles

  • Emails + Hedgedoc vs Discourse (which has a forum called “writing center”)
  • Need to know where materials will be published (LinkedIn, special audience) which impacts length
  • Github is also a possibility, but it’s a higher bar for people
  • For now: If you need help with an article, put it in a HedgeDoc and send it to folks via email. Next steps to look at Discourse and see if we want to start discussions there.

v1 process

  • create a hedgedoc , get it reviewed by your choice of people
  • publish it to Discourse
  • later, iterate

LinkedIn management

  • happy to add more managers on open organization linkedin group

Ambassador Updates

Bryan Behrenshausen


  • prolific article writer, focusing on ourselves as “startup organizations” - “startup of you” [book]

Heather Leson

  • two articles to talk about with someone 1. opening up governance with HOT research (Sept publish targeted) 2. Interviewing UNICEF open innovation approaches

Jimmy Sjölund

Mostly infrastructure related work and internal Red Hat information updates on The Open Organization.

Jos Groen

  • Not much in writing at the moment. Just re-positioning my business integrating transformational and open leadership to re-humanize the way we collaborate en lead organizations.
  • I’m open to repost articles and e-books on linked in. Both the OpenOrg and Open Leadership linked in communities.
  • Perhaps leading to a book…somewhere in time…

Laura Hilliger

  • I keep managing to get Greenpeace to open up about things they’re hesitant on and published this just today:
  • Otherwise co-oping around and trying to figure out what to work on, where to focus, how to, you know, be.


  • Discourse discussion
  • iterate on review and publicationings