Celebrating leadership in open orgs (Coaching Buttons)

Hi everyone!

In July, I soft-launched a new website: Coaching Buttons is an article-based community website about leadership.

At Coaching Buttons, we believe everyone can lead from within and across the organization, from CIOs to IT Directors, managers and supervisors, and line staff. That’s an open organization! (I prefer leading an open organization; the training and workshops that I do are based on open organization principles.)

And this week, we are celebrating the launch of our new website! More info here:


We welcome anyone to share an article with Coaching Buttons. Thanks to Ron for sharing several articles with us already - his first article will run next week!

That’s a great initiative!

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Thanks! And it’s been great to see the community already start to grow. I’m hoping this continues. :smiley:

If anyone is interested, there’s also a similar community/article website about technical writing at https://technicallywewrite.com/

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This is wonderful, incredible news, @jhall. Thanks very much for sharing. I’m sure our communities will have much to discuss. Already looking forward to the collaborations ahead.



Great to work with you on this. I’m very much looking forward to seeing your these repost articles will be received.

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FYI, Ron’s first article ran today on Coaching Buttons:

“Open organizations and the sharing economy”

Thanks, Ron! It’s great to share your article on the new website! :star:

If anyone else would like to share an article, please email me:
jim @ hallmentum . com

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That’s great. Looking forward to seeing how this article and the others in this series are received.


I noticed that all three articles on the sharing economy are now posted on coachingbuttons.com. How have they been received so far?

You mentioned you wanted to do an email interview with questions on my international, cross-cultural experience. Will those questions be coming soon? If you like, we could set up a telephone discussion on Google Meet if you like. Best is your morning, my evening in Tokyo.

Best wishes,


They’ve been very well received! The first two articles did very well, third one not there yet (not as much “engagement” on that one, but it’s only been a week). I don’t have numbers to share, since the site is just starting out.

Thanks for the reminder on the interview. I’ll put a list together and send you an email.

Great to hear we’re getting started on this. Looking forward to working with you on this project.