December 10, 2020 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770



New ambassador

@JosGroen is now an Ambassador! Congratulations, Jos!

Updating shipping records

Please help @Bryan update his (private!) shipping records for 2021. Complete this form to provide a mailing address to which we can ship items (books, swag, surprises … hint hint).

ATO recording available

@Jimmy and @Bryan spoke at All Things Open this year. A recording of the talk is now available to anyone who’d like to watch it (or see it again!). Presentation slides are archived for ambassador reuse.

2021 strategy session

We’re finalizing plans for our 2021 strategy workshop. If you’re interested in shaping how it unfolds, please log your preferences. We’ll be finalizing an agenda and meeting time after we’ve selected a date.

Project Updates

Guide to Distributed Teamwork

We have a title! It’s from @laura, and it’s awesome: Human at a Distance: An Open Organization Guide to Distributed Teamwork. @Bryan and @laura working on cover designs and finalizing editorial tasks.

Open Organization on LinkedIn

@JosGroen and @HeidiHVL have been working to figure out the logistics and process of using LinkedIn to promote the Open Organization work. They have some thoughts to propose:

Posting content on LI will give us the ability to reach the audience we talk about who are:

  1. Decision makers, leaders, and those who make culture and leadership transformation decisions, as well as
  2. People who feel empowered to do that

The goal is to engage this audience by

  • Sharing our content (new and old) with them
  • Engaging them in discussion about open organizational issues
  • Directing them to community spaces where they can learn more, explore, connect, and contribute

As for what we post to LinkedIn:

  • Content could be posted by adminsitrators (“admins”) (ambassadors who would like to serve as administrators for the group). Any ambassador can serve in this capacity and post.
  • We were thinking that content should be directly related to the community’s values and mission (openness in the organization) and promoting OpenOrg values but can include promotional tidbits too (i.e., “Ambassador Heidi Hess von Ludewig published an article on using Open values during the interview process and Guess what? She’s open to new jobs too!”)
  • Because posting content as an admin looks like it comes from the Open Organization itself, it would be good if written in the third person.

To get started, we propose a workflow that empowers administrators to post at their discretion

  • Admins: Post anytime! Any Ambassador can be an admin and post to LinkedIn. If you’re not interested in maintaining the page, you can still assist by inviting your own professional networks to view and join the page
  • @Bryan: Supply LinkedIn admins with pre-written copy/collateral to help promote the community’s recent publications, new projects, releases, etc.

Next steps

  • Address any outstanding feedback from this discussion
  • Spin up the page/“organization” and launch it to begin work as soon as possible
  • Learn what we can from this, then construct basic LinkedIn strategy at January strategy session
  • Determine which social media management tools (if any) we’d like to recommend/use/share
  • Eventually compose LinkedIn moderation/admin guidelines in Discourse for further discussion and knowledge sharing with future contributors

Open Organization on YouTube

@jenkelchner initiated discussion of timeline for creation of a community channel on YouTube. @HeidiHVL, @ronmcfarl, and @Bryan are interested in joining this conversation. The goal would be to enable the platform in advance of our 2021 strategy session. These folks will form an ad hoc working group to develop a basic YouTube strategy and plan.

Ambassador Updates

@ronmcfarl: Just published an article on innovation (finished the series). Working now on new series about open organizations and future of work. @Bryan is reviewing and will start editing ASAP. Potential material here for Human at a Distance.

@JosGroen: Writing and article on tele-management. It’s being translated into English at the moment. Piece after that will be about transformation at Axians (a retrospective). Will be the subject of interview for Heidi’s series on open mangement.

@Bryan: Gave a presentation about our community’s book series and our open processes for maintaining it (will archive the slides in our shared repository in case anyone can use them). Working to finalize Human at a Distance: An Open Organization Guide to Distributed Teamwork with co-maintainer @laura. Helping plan 2021 community strategy workshop.

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