December 12, 2019 Meeting Notes

Meeting Details

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET
U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770

Project Updates

Current checklist

At our All Things Open Workshop, ambassadors outlined several community priorities for the coming months. Here they are (along with their current status!)

  • Develop a public-facing, user friendly, invitational document that helps interested readers and other audience members become more engaged community contributors. (Status: Done)
  • Develop and distribute an annual reader survey to gather firsthand research about community’s content preferences. (Status: Done)
  • Revisit, review, and potentially revise the Open Organization Ambassador program description. (Status: Pending current community branding and architecture discussions and decisions)
  • Collaboratively develop a presentation template ambassadors can fork and modify for use in speaking opportunities. (Status: Delayed until 2020)

Brand refresh

Designer Libby Levi will join us to share mockups and potential design directions for a refreshed open organization community brand.

This presentation will occupy the bulk of our time together, as Libby will invite ambassadors to provide feedback on her work.

Update: Community branding materials are not yet ready for review. So we will meet with Libby at our January meeting.

Community architecture

Bryan’s position at Red Hat is shifting. Bryan is now part of Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office, a team at Red Hat whose mission is to help upstream communities succeed. He’ll remain closely connecting with and active in the open organization community, and particularly in the process of acclimating a new member of the Open Organization project team inside Red Hat. We’ll be interviewing candidates in early 2020, so please send Bryan your thoughts on candidate considerations, including questions you’d like to have posed during interviews!

Newsletter contributions

Interested in contributing material to the monthly Open Organization Highlights newsletter? Feel free to drop articles and other resources that you find interesting in our ongoing threads. Bryan will review and compile everything into the monthly mailing for our readers (more than 3,500 of them!). For an example, see December’s thread.

Readers survey

The results are in! Let’s share thoughts, reactions, and impressions.

Publication Updates

Editorial calendar

We’re currently scheduled through January 14. Looking for new articles after that! Got something to contribute? Please submit it!

Ambassador Updates

Jen Kelchner

Continuing to work on open organization guides for Red Hat public sector teams (now regionalizing the material for EMEA and APAC). Testing a mobile-only application for content delivery at LDR21, which might even include some multimedia. Hoping to roll this out in the beginning of the year. But it’ll involve making materials mobile-friendly, which is a challenge!

Ron McFarland

Just visited Raleigh to see Red Hat. Now working on new articles about communication technologies and peer-to-peer engagement. First part is scheduled and ready to published in January. He’s working on the second part now. Also read Nine Lies About Work and is considering writing a review of it.

Ben Owens

Interested in webcast/podcast discussions that emerged from the 2019 reader survey. In education, these are of course very popular. Might consider thinking about synchronous versus asynchronous modes of engagement. Could these media activate different modes? What about live broadcasts, discussions, etc.?