December 15, 2023 Meeting

Meeting at 08:30 Eastern / 13:30 UTC / 14:30 CET

Meeting conducted via Google Meet


  • Jimmy Sjölund
  • Ron McFarland
  • Ben Owens
  • Jim Hall
  • Bryan Behrenshausen (notes)

Special Guest: Jim Hall

Jim Hall, proprietor of Coaching Buttons, joins the community to discuss publication opportunities

  • You know Jim as the maintainer of the FreeDOS project, one of the longest-running open source software projects (30 years!)
  • Jim has been an open leader, building open organizations and teams long before he heard the term
  • He was a contributor and correspondent for, also writing for Enterprisers Project, Enable SysAdmin, etc. For years he has contributed chapters to the Open Organization book series.
  • Was working actively with staff when site was shut down (like, literally, that same day)
  • That shutdown motivated him to launch new sites he’d wanted to launch for a long time
  • He maintains (strong community, publishing just about every day)
  • Also maintains Coaching Buttons
  • Both sites are maintained in the spirit of
  • Coaching Buttons is focused on leadership and management issues
  • Jim is interested in featuring more articles on open organization principles
  • Articles are published under Creative Commons; authors retain their copyright
  • Jim does not pay for articles; he is not “buying” the writing, so he does not own the content; authors always retain it
  • Jim does light editing by default; he will do heavier edits upon request, but his goal is always to do only what the author requests

Questions for Jim

  • Ron: [Comment] I never mind people cutting my articles, because I tend to be wordy; Jim has been good about helping here

  • Bryan: Why do this? What do you gain by managing these sites?

    • Jim: Hallmentum sponsors this site. There’s a link to it on the site. Idea is that it helps with “soft advertising” for my own business. Maybe this will lead to consulting opportunities down the road. But more generally, as an instructor at U Minn in Writing Studies, this is portfolio work, part of my academic credentials, something I use for tenure and promotion and professional development; I do this because I love writing and want others to have a platform
    • In the future, I may consider Patreon on the sites for the express purpose of hiring a part-time copy editor; we’re coming up on the “bandwidth limitations of Jim,” and more help will be necessary soon
    • This is a consideration for 2024.
  • Bryan: How can we help you achieve your goals? What can we do to improve the platform

    • Jim: Right now, the biggest need is just more writers, more stories. I’m focused on growing the community.
    • Personal narratives of organizational achievements through leadership, leadership styles, executing a vision, etc.
    • You can also help by sharing the pieces, helping circulate the writing that’s published, gain readers
  • Bryan: How can we submit? What’s your preference?

    • Jim: It’s very open. I’ve received contributions in HTML, Markdown, AsciiDoc, Google Docs—it’s all fine.
    • I put everything into a Google Doc anyway because my eye is trained there to spot necessary edits
    • If you share initially in Google Docs, that’s an easy way to get started. But I will take anything
  • Jimmy: How do you plan to make the site sustainable?

    • Jim: When closed, lots of site popped up to fill the void. Not many are left. But these are not flash-in-the-pan sites; they existed before, but the closure of OSDC accelerated the plans and the content pipelines.
    • These ideas were baked and ready before they became urgency; the intention was always to remain online and viable.
    • They’re still growing.

Jim’s contact or

Project Updates

Migrating our editorial archive (Bryan)

A complete archive of 2018 publications is now available on GitHub. I’m currently working on an archive of the year 2017.

Ambassador Updates

Jimmy Sjölund

  • Open-org mailing list officially decommissioned.
  • Planning to revamp old article or write a new one for Leader’s manual v3.
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