February 11, 2021 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770
Video: Blue Jeans Network | Video Collaboration in the Cloud



  • Backpacks are shipping soon (so keep an eye on your mailboxes)
  • Request from @ben.openwaylearning: Working with organization Getting Smart interested in bringing open ethos to schools, particularly in a post-pandemic world. Putting together a panel for a podcast on the subject. Paying special attention the panel’s diversity and looking to recruit potential participants. If you or someone you know would like to be on the panel, reach out to @ben.openwaylearning. @jenkelchner agrees to make a connection.

Red Hat Summit 2021

  • Our community will have a booth at the virtual event this year (April 27–28). We share this booth with our community sibling project, The Open Source Way.
  • Following feedback from last year, we will be de-emphasizing booth chat and re-emphasizing video.
  • We are looking for volunteers to staff the booth and chat with anyone who stops by.
  • We are also looking for someone to help make our booth videos! We have three video “slots” we are able to fill. We need to cut a 1-minute project intro video, and the Open Source Way community has asked if we’d like to film a brief roundtable between our projects. We also have another slot to do with as we please (maybe promote Human at a Distance? something else?).
  • @jonasrosland offers a great Idea for holding “office hours,” not just “open booth,” where we advertise that our reps will be present for a specific amount of time (~1 hour). This allows us to coordinate better, make a bigger splash, and ensure that we’re using our time and energy most effectively.
  • @samknuth would like to help in whatever capacity we may need
  • @jonasrosland volunteers to staff the booth during Red Hat Summit
  • @ben.openwaylearning helps us think through way to do asynchronous Q&A, which might be possible given the conference platform’s capabilities.
  • @Bryan will confer with events team and learn more about what’s possible with the new virtual event platform

Adventures in multimedia

  • Discussion of new community “multimedia maintainer” role: @Bryan nominated @jenkelchner on Discourse and @jenkelchner accepts the role.
  • Discussion of our first foray into video: @jenkelchner proposes integrating video into the current editorial process so we can best align print and video work. @Bryan will ensure @jenkelchner has proper maintainer-level access to the editorial board (if she doesn’t already).
  • We brainstorm video ideo ideas:
    • Community interviews
    • Reviews of our previously published books
    • “Ask the Ambassadors” mailbag series
    • Live events and panels
  • Initial priority: Channel introduction video. We want to produce a 60-second community explainer video that we can use for our channel and for Red Hat Summit (see above).

March editorial planning

  • Thoughts on setting an editorial theme from month to month, quarter to quarter, or something in between
  • @ben.openwaylearning suggests a two-prong approach:
    1. Ongoing focus on standard/standing topics (like characteristics from the Definition) that we’re always pursuing
    2. a monthly special theme for which we’re collecting specific materials
  • @jenkelchner will initiate discussion about video planning for the coming month
  • Potential themes:
    • Open organizations and the future of work
    • Open organizations and cognitive/neuro diversity

Ambassador updates

  • @jenkelchner reports that the Wyoming Governor’s Council reached out to ask her to keynote an event. Has a 90-minute slot.
  • @JosGroen, @HeidiHVL, and others in The LinkedIn Interest Group are posting on LinkedIn—stay updated on Signal so you can share and support us in your network!
  • @JosGroen is working on a new series on talent management, which is currently undergoing translation and will be ready for community review soon.
  • @HeidiHVL is working on writing her article based on interview with @samknuth. She thinks it will end up being three articles! She’s planning another executive interviewee, and she alerted the IT org communications group that there is a series for managing with open values and the link to the series of articles will be showcased in the March IT newsletter. Have a great day!! :slight_smile:

arrggg so sorry to have missed this call, I’ve just been underwater this week. <3 the ideas.

@ben.openwaylearning let me know about your podcast timeline? I have a big edtech network so can share / help recruit missing voices.

I should be able to make Summit and + 1 to @jonasrosland idea on office hours. Splashing is more fun than staring, sobbing, snotting or siloing.

Looking forward to Adventures in multimedia and working more with @jenkelchner

Missed your faces and hope you are all well!

Great meeting today! Sorry we couldn’t see you, but grateful for your input here.

Again, I’m sorry I missed this meeting. Here are my thoughts:
Red Hat Summit
I made a note that it is in April and will help anyway I can.
Multi-media use
LinkedIn: I noticed the LinkedIn account and tried to pass it around to people I’m connected with in LinkedIn. For your information, about 30-50 people respond on LinkedIn when I put out an article and refer them to it.
YouTube: I very much want to get this up and running, as I think our exposure will increase dramatically. I’ll help anyway I can.
On my side
Articles: On my side, I’m working with Bryan on an article on Sustainable Global Economic Development which is multifaceted. Bryan and I will have a meeting on it. I sent him my first draft to review. Laura might also be helpful on this if she is interested.
Referral Source
Laura mentioned that she is working with charities in the UK, and she mentioned that if they need “techie” she could be helpful. I got to thinking of us being a communication technology specialist referral source. Therefore, within my articles, I might try to stress that more. We can be a bridge between organizations having a communications challenge with talent that can be helpful. Also, those people will actually be using Open Organization Principle in whatever projects they work on. This might add the value of our community.


Thanks very much for your notes, @ronmcfarl. Very helpful. You probably noted that we’re hoping to get you on the YouTube channel as soon as it’s up and running!

Very good. I was looking for our YouTube channel, but couldn’t find it. Let me know when its ready, and we will go from there.


Thanks, @ronmcfarl. The YouTube channel isn’t public yet (because it’s empty!), but we hope it will be very soon.


Thanks for letting me know.