February 13, 2020 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770
Video: https://redhat.bluejeans.com/4569610770/

Awards and recognition

Congratulations, Laura Hilliger, Digital Leader of the Year!


  • Ben Cotton (one year!)
  • Jen Kelchner (three years!)

Program Updates

  • Job description for Bryan’s replacement is with Open Studio leadership, awaiting approval
  • Design directions for Open Organization community branding are with Open Studio leadership, awaiting approval

Red Hat Summit Updates

We have a booth available to us in the Community Central space at Red Hat Summit.

This is what the current floor plan looks like:

  • We’ll be exhibiting alongside several dozen other upstream communities Red Hat supports (see above floor plan, e.g., Fedora, Istio, Enarx, Enable Sysadmin, etc.)
  • We will have a booth and can speak with attendees about our community, our work, etc. If you agree to staff the booth, Bryan can apply for a complimentary expo-level Summit pass for you. This reduces your event entrance fee to $0, but does not admit you to additional tracks and sessions.
  • Community Central also features its own theater and speaking track, so we can pitch talks there.
  • We will need to decide:
    • Are enough of us attending Red Hat Summit to sufficiently staff a booth in the expo hall?
    • Do we want to pitch any talks for presentation on stage?
  • Bryan will take this group discussion to Discourse and group email.

Project Updates

Current ongoing series:

  • Learning agility (Jen)
  • Communication technologies (Ron)
    • Wrote an article three years ago on communication technologiesand their effect on openness and peer-to-peer technologies
    • Has now updated that piece and is turning it into a series
    • New piece features a worksheet/score card for assessment
    • Bryan and Ron to meet and discuss
  • 5 questions for open leaders (Heather)
    • Distributed first round of interview requests and interviewees are processing. Aiming to finalize first installment by end of the month.
  • Open organizations and mental health (Sam)
    • Third installment now in production and preparing for publication at the end of February.
  • Open management (Heidi)
    • Filling a gap: Our community often writes about open leadership, but can we now focus more on open management
    • Launching a series to interview open leaders
    • Will be multimedia series: text and audio
    • Setting up the first interview today
    • Heidi is seeking contacts for interviews! Reach out!
    • The Red Hat People team will soon be open sourcing its Open Management Principles, so this series will co-incide with that. These are are:
      • Champion the open culture
      • Inspire shared purpose
      • Hire, develop, and reward the team
      • Deliver results through empowerment
      • Make decisions in an open and timely manner
      • Create an environment of belonging, respect, and mutual support

Publication Updates

  • We’re now scheduling articles for March.
  • Check the queue and grab a slot!

Ambassador Updates


I’m preparing for a pitch to Agile Sweden, again. Then I’m starting to work on my old article ideas but still long way to go before first drafts.


Brain is full.


Reading 9 Lies About Work (received from Jeff Mackanic at Red Hat while in Raleigh). Thinking about a book review. Also reading The Unicorn Project. “This is great because it gives me insight into your world, and I’ve never worked in your world!” Interesting to think about termonology and shared meanings (like “open”). Learning about “technical debt.”


Working on an article co-written with a Red Hatter. It will be about Kubernetes and Kubecon. Also, I got a patent!