February 14, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

Ambassador Updates

Angela: Been thinking about the impact of remote work (and its connection to open); noodling on article about being “open” to replanning and agility

Jen: In a three-week state of disruption (just moved back to Atlanta); just finished a guest lecture on social innovation (and the way that openness can impact social innovation initiatives); it was “dope”; being courted for new position (will announce in notes next month); developing a three-day lab for teaching innovation to “non-engineers”); tapped to work on open government summit in Canada

Jimmy: Travelling and can not attend the meeting. Not much going on in the Open community. Big changes ongoing at workplace which take most time and energy.

Jonas: Back to work from paternity leave; We rebranded 4 open source projects after the Heptio acquisition, and I’m taking the lead on the Kubernetes New Contributor Summit in Barcelona.

Ron: Got an article in the queue, set to publish March 5; now thinking about inter-company alliances; thinking about forming intra-organizational teams/alliances and being more inclusive; balancing talent between “ongoing” and “future” business/initiatives; building “harmony”; next article will be about constructive arguments; still working with another company in Austria (decommissioned nuclear power plant equipment).

Heidi - excited about Ron’s idea about arguing and conflict inside open org. She’s writing an article on how types of work connect to innovation; WTF up’s with Summit? Oh I see that’s an actual agenda topic…

Laura: Snagged a GitHub article ticket on open secrets; working on partnership between Red Hat and Greenpeace (social innovation); spent three hours in a cat cafe planning the narrative climax of her book (“writing a book is super hard”)

Rebecca: Just got back from CR (developer conference there); talking about “debate and commit”; also speaking about “open leadership”; paid a visit to some additional Red Hat offices in AMEA, having culture conversations; thinking about forms of evangelism and the challenges we face (e.g., how to avoid appearing judgmental or pushy)



  • Laura (4 years!)
  • Jonas (2 years!)
  • Jen (3 years!)

Publication Updates

2019 Planning

Speaking Opportunities

Red Hat Summit roll call: What’s everyone’s status?

  • Bryan
    • Open leadership panel rejected (with the rest of the panel)
    • Maturity model workshop rejected (with Heidi)
    • OpenOrg Academy rejected (with Heidi and Jen)
  • Ben Owens
    • Open education talk accepted
  • Allison Matlack
    • Two open leadership talks accepted
  • Jimmy Sjölund
    • Can I change a culture on my own? - 45-minute birds-of-a-feather discussion: declined
    • Fortune favors the bold – How learning to collaborate led to customer success - 45-minute breakout session: declined
  • Jen
    • Generation Open: How open principles unlock the power of an intergenerational workforce - declined
  • Heidi
    • Mini-session was further mini-mized into half a mini-session for “Ubiquitous collaboration” but was accepted
    • Maturity model workshop rejected (with Bryan)
    • OpenOrg Academy rejected (with Bryan and Jen)

All Things Open Update

  • CFP open; deadline is March 15
  • Let’s pitch rejected Summit programming to ATO
  • (looks like our one big push here could be Inclusivity, I don’t see anything on culture related topics at all – Jen)

KubeCon Shanghai - June 24-26

KubeCon San Diego - Nov 18-21

  • CFP will open in the spring