How to connect with local Open Org community in North Carolina (USA)?

I’ve followed Open Org for years. I’ve read most of the pubs - which are great and always thought-provoking! Still trying to figure out how to get involved directly.

I’m the founder of a 12-year-old nonprofit in the Triangle area of NC, USA (The Forge Initiative, an Open Innovation Tech Space) and we are at a crossroads as to where to go post-Covid. Our premise has always been that an open organization will provide the most empowerment and flexibility to the people who get involved in learning, growing, exploring, and mentoring in the tech area.

I would love to connect with some people locally to talk about our vision and network with people in the Open Org community who might be local supporters but I’m not sure how to do that. Any suggestions?

I feel like I might be missing some glaring “click here to connect” button. :slight_smile: And, I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this question.

Thank you for any directional cues!

Linda Whipker

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Great to have you here, @LWhipker! And don’t worry: you’ve taken precisely the right path to connecting with us (though a giant button does sound like a good idea…).

A few Open Organization Ambassadors@ruhbehka, @HeidiHVL, @amatlack, and me (@Bryan)—are Triangled-based. Ambassadors @laura and @ben.openwaylearning also specialize in working with non-profits. I’m sure someone would be more than happy to chat. Given the relative distribution of the group and the ever-conflicting schedules, I suspect an initial virtual call or meeting might be best to get us started, but I’ll defer to the most interested parties. I’ll give others an opportunity to chime in before stating my own preferences.

Nice to meet you @LWhipker! I can certainly recommend syncing up with all the Triangle-based Open Org folks - they are super awesome!

I’m heading out tomorrow for a couple of weeks off, but would be happy to chat when I’m back. In the meantime, you might be interested in my cooperative, We Are Open Co-op - we do strategy, digital transformation, storytelling, community building etc etc for non-profits, public sector, and ethically minded organisations. Our blog has loads of posts on things we’re working on and has loads of free resources and guides (including techniques to use with your peers to explore that crossroad you’re at) you might be interested in too.

Thanks, Bryan!

We would be happy to host a virtual meeting - or, even better, a preliminary discussion so we could better understand what the goals/vision/fit might be for brainstorming topics with this group - followed up by a virtual meeting that was open to more people. Open to whatever might work best.

Thanks, Laura - lots of great resources on your site! I’ve signed up for the online course and hope to do that this weekend. And have started exploring the resources you have available. Looks really interesting - and helpful!

I’d love to, @LWhipker. I sent you a private note with contact details and options. When we’ve had a chance to connect and I’ve learned more about your organization’s needs and challenges, we can make a plan to connect you to additional community members with expertise in particular areas that may be of service to you.

Today @ben.openwaylearning and I had a nice chat with @LWhipker about her organization, its mission, and its current challenges. @laura, you’d definitely find affinity with @LWhipker’s story and I would very much encourage you to get in touch when you’re back from your break.

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