January 10, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

Meet New Ambassador Heather Leson

Ambassador Updates

The Lauri Apple Hair Report: What’s new and what’s trendy in 2019?

Angela: Angela’s theme for 2019 is “growth”; just finished Principles by Ray Dalio (thanks to Ron’s request); re-reading Laura on management; working on new article on mentoring and mentorship in open leadership; wants to respond to Laura’s article on open management.

Laura: working with a colleague on an “unconscious bias” toolkit; looking at neurodiversity at the moment; “I’m reading a lot of brain books all the time”; beginning work on surveying various organizational efforts are D&I; played video games over the break, and also Pandemic (!!!); possible work on a new PlayStation game (?!); “creativity” is the theme of 2019 for Laura

Ron: Working on an article on top-down and bottom up leadership. Both have their place. How are these leaders different?

Heidi: (fighting a cold and sends her regrets)

Jen: Word of the year is Love (compassionate action); working on two articles (learning agility + three factors of change); building/leading a “learning lab” for Global Workplace Forum; giving a 2-part lecture on open for Fresno Pacific U in Jan/Feb

Heather: Word for the year “upgrade“

Rebecca: Feedback Zone at Red Hat Summit, gearing up for DevConf.cz and FOSDEM talks + engineering leadership accelerator talk in Czech Republic, continuing development on Project +1 and 2¢, Open Decision Framework presentation at Boston University, continuing to add change management + user experience into Open Decision Framework update, advising on internal Bridgewater tool pilot (Ray Dalio’s Principles), Red Hat How (culture projects) info session on Monday

Ben: I’m currently working with Aria Chernik, the Director for the Open Source Research Pedagogy + Innovation work at Duke University on a National Science Foundation grant that would bring more computer science into Title I schools in the Durham, NC area under an Open Way Learning and Project Based Learning framework. I’ll have an article come out later this month on opensource.com on how teachers can do a better job of getting out of their comfort zones in general and learning more about open source in particular. I also have had a couple of articles come out recently on Medium: This one about the work I’m doing with the MIT Teaching Systems Lab on a Competency Based Education MOOC they will launch on the EdX platform in February and this one on how educators can use Open Way Learning principles in their schools (the latter was per my recent attendance at the Teacher Powered Schools conference in Boston). I’ll be attending the Education Reimagined conference in DC next week and will do everything I can to ensure the Open Org principles are part of the conversations about how we can change ed policy to better prepare young people for our global, innovation economy. Finally, you don’t have to buy it, but I would REALLY appreciate it if the ambassadors could get on Amazon and give my new book a review before the trolls start trashing it. :slight_smile: Thanks!

2019 Planning and Goals

Project ideas

  • Can we replicate the experience of that roundtable we did for Open Organization Week at Red Hat? (Angela) What can we do that leverages audio, that’s becoming a more frequent method by which managers, etc., are consuming content? (Jen)
  • “Advice from the Ambassadors” column for 2019 (take questions from readers and have one or two ambassadors answer those questions at regular intervals)
  • Can we produce materials specifically aimed at minority/under-represented groups? (Laura)
    • Diversity, inclusion and equality is big on our minds
    • It would be interesting to connect this to digital divide and localization (Heather)
    • Seems that we’re all into neurodiversity / neural modifications, maybe we should do something in this space (Laura) (+1 from Jen)
  • Do we need to rethink and update the Field Guide? (Bryan)
  • Some resources on how to effectively influence and intervene to drive more openness (Rebecca)
  • Community infrastructure
    • Do we (can we) have a budget for travel? (Heidi)
    • Do we need a new real-time communication channel? (Bryan)
  • Open and Human-centered design projects (Heather)
  • Applying open principles in non-traditional “open” organizations (Heather)