January 11, 2024 Meeting

January 11, 2023 Meeting

Meeting at 13:30 UTC / 08:30 Eastern / 14:30 CET

Meeting conducted via Google Meet.


  • Allison Matlack
  • Bryan Behrenshausen
  • Jim Hall
  • Jimmy Sjölund
  • Ronald McFarland


  • None today.

Project Updates

Chinese translations

A community member has graciously translated the Open Organization Definition into Chinese. We’re seeking someone to review the work before we merge it. Does anyone know a translator who could assist?

  • As of today, conversation seems to have arrived at some kind of conclusion, so we’re going to review and hopefully merge this soon.

Future use of Discourse

Bryan: Our Discourse subscription will expire this year. At the moment, Red Hat sponsors our subscription to the platform. We have no indication that this will change, but we also have no guarantee it won’t. It may be best to discuss the implications of the impending renewal. Do we wish to continue using Discourse? Can GitHub serve as adequate replacement?

  • Historically, the idea behind Discourse was to have a place for community building and discussion, some place that was accessible to non-technical community members as a place to collaborate on writing, ideas, etc.
  • Red Hat is paying for Discourse ($1200/year), and we have no indication whether they’ll continue or not.
  • No objections to moving select materials to GitHub Discussions.
  • Jimmy will send out communication to the Ambassadors for an async decision on whether to move to GitHub Discussions.
  • Allison offers a few initial ideas on migration tools

Launching courses

Shabnoor: Thoughts on launching asynchronous learning materials on various platforms

  • Ron: In favor of this. Wants to offer courses in basic open organization principles.
  • Jim: Has taught and led self-study, self-guided educational experiences before. The challenge is the design. Once you get past that, it’s just the content (of which we have plenty in our community).
  • Bryan: Always wanting to start with the question: What is the feedback loop to our community work? How does an initiative like this help our project grow and evolve?
  • Ron: This is a nice alternative to publishing written materials, good way to raise awareness with new audiences.

Publication Updates

Jim: Ron has two articles coming out on (Coaching Buttons)[https://coachingbuttons.com/]. At the moment, the goal is to publish every Monday; would like to increase that in the future if time and bandwidth allow. Jim has been publishing some of his previous work (GAANT charts), open leadership lessons from Star Wars, etc. Reminder that Jim is always looking for new writers and his platform is open to anyone from our community (trying to fill the void left by the closure of Opensource.com).

Ron: Also published two articles in December. Never stopped writing when Opensource.com shut down. So he’s planning on publishing for months to come. Working on articles on navigating one’s career, startups, and more.

Ambassador Updates

Ron: Did a podcast with Shabnoor last year. Shabnoor is editing. Been looking at communities online with whom to repost articles from his archive of pieces. Some have as many as a million members.