January 16, 2020 Meeting Notes

Meeting Details

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET
U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770
Video: https://redhat.bluejeans.com/4569610770/

2020 Resolutions

  • Drink champaign every month
  • Travel less
  • Greater self-care
  • Drink more water

Happy Ambassador-iversaries

  • Heather Leson (one year!)
  • Jonas Rosland (two years!—also big on CNBC at 11:25)
  • Laura Hilliger (five years!)


  • Does the bi-monthly alternating meeting cadence (09:00 / 16:00 Eastern) still make sense for us? Should we maintain it in 2020, or select a new standard meeting time?
  • We will eliminate the 16:00 Eastern meeting time and standardize on 09:00 Eastern for the time being.

Program Updates

  • We have a great transition team in place to ensure consistency and continuity while Bryan’s position shifts. Welcome to Brent!
  • Community now recognized on Red Hat’s list of officially supported upstream communities.
  • Reminder: We’ll be interviewing candidates for a new Open Organization position in the Open Studio very soon, so please share (on Discourse or privately with Bryan) your thoughts on candidate considerations, including questions you’d like to have posed during interviews!

Conference Updates


  • Bryan gets the sense several ambassadors are attending
  • Opened a space to coordinate meetups and broadcast talks

Red Hat Summit

  • Several ambassadors pitched proposals. Who’s in and who’s out?
    • Only Laura has a talk accepted.
    • She is likely not going.
  • Bryan is working on establishing a space for the community in the Summit “Community Central” space, which features multiple upstream communities supported by Red Hat.
  • Bryan is determining viability/availability of passes and stipends for community members. He hopes to have additional details on that soon.

Project Updates

Twitter account

  • You may have noticed some bright, new graphics on our Twitter page. This is the first phase of our planned social media refresh.
  • Unfortunately, the handle we wanted to claim—@openorganization—is one character too long, according to Twitter’s guidelines. Our backup, @openorg, is taken and hasn’t been updated for five years. So we’ll need to explore other options. In the meantime, our overall community brand update (more details in February) may provide excellent direction.
  • We also discussed additional handles
    • @realopenorg
    • @openorgan
    • @OrgMcOrgface
    • @openorgbookcommunityorg

2020 project proposals and plans


  • Heather to discuss her idea for ongoing interview series (#BringtheDing)
  • She is drafting a plan. Feedback and edits welcome.
  • She’ll begin interviewsat FOSDEM in a few weeks.


Still on our docket from 2019:

  • Collaboratively develop a presentation template ambassadors can fork and modify for use in speaking opportunities.
  • Revisit, review, and potentially revise the Open Organization Ambassador program description.

Publication Updates

  • Best of 2019 published; congratulations to ambassadors Ben O., Sam, and Ron for capturing three of the five most-read pieces of last year!
  • Now scheduling new writing for 2020! Check out the editorial queue and let Bryan know if you’d like to claim a spot.
  • Ongoing series on communities of practice from Tracy Buckner
  • New series from Sam starts January 21 (“Leading Openly with Anxiety”)
  • Will seek to launch Heather’s new series in early March

Ambassador Updates

Jen and Laura

Working on a new project over the next six months, in Europe for various governments. “The goal of this is ‘collaborating for a better world.’” The work will “take government leaders to places they’ve never been before.” This is in addition to the “road show” through Europe on similar themes. They’re planning a podcast to chronicle their journey.


Recently presented at Red Hat Forum 2020 in Darmstadt. Next, she’s traveling to London for a ceremony because she’s shortlisted for a Major Award (NBD).

Rebecca and I both proposed talks, and while neither of our talks was accepted outright, they have asked us to combine topics and deliver it together.

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