July 18, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 16:00 Eastern / 20:00 UTC / 22:00 CET

Ambassador Updates

Angela: Has been traveling and on vacation. Hit a “pretty big brick wall” of burnout at work. Recognizing that there’s freedom that comes with choice—so be aware of the choices you’re making in the moment. Embracing that as she’s setting priorities. Team is adopting OKRs recently, and that’s leading to lots of new lessons. Working on new article about mentoring in the open organization (finding a mentor, establishing a mentoring relationship, etc.)

Jen: Just got back from two weeks in Manila. Finally finished her Global Workplace Forum, which went very well. Built a learning lab. Nursing some exhausted feet at the moment. Stats show that participants gleaned a lot from the seminar. Introduced a group of roughly 250 people to open principles and Open Organization Definition and helped them tackle numerous workplace challenges. Audience was built of leaders of NGOs, industry leaders, etc. Connected with people working in education, mental health and trauma, and churches. Roughly 90 percent of participants say the sessions exceeded their expectations and left with materials they can use to grow their own communities. Currently collaborating on six new case studies on open practices in a number of industries and contexts. Interesting to note: the materials on open leadership resonated with people whose industries traditionally bar them from entering formal leadership positions.

Lauri: “If you hide the screen, you hide yourself.” Words to live by this week. Lauri is changing jobs, moving to an American company with an office in Berlin. Leaving Dublin. New job will get her back into the open source world. Been spending her time reading about personality types and disorders.

Michael: Grateful for the timezone shift. Working on better integrating open organization principles and concepts into his current gig. Working on an article on cross-functional collaboration. Also thinking about an article about the difference between “remote work” and “working from home.” Looking for information on new directions for writing at Opensource.com. Looking specifically to create resources that make concepts actionable for executives and other time-crunched leaders.

Allison: Working on an article from a talk in May (it’s a smelly article). At Red Hat, working to enhance Paul Cormier affinity with the open organization concepts.

Ron: Coming to us live from Tokyo at 5 a.m. Ron is getting ready to officially retire (October) from is machine cutting parts company. Now he’s working with an Austrian company on technology and processes for dismantling power plants. Studying up on fourth-generation nuclear power plants. Solving fourth-generation nuclear power will require an open approach. How can we bring countries, companies, NGOs, etc., together to tackle this problem? It requires a community-powered approach.

Ben: “It’s been a pretty insane summer.” Phoning in Slept away from home 24 of the last 30 days. Summers are when teachers are off, so he’s jet-setting all over the place to meet and teach other educators. Noticing a definite shift in thinking in education toward open principles. Working on editing The Open Organization Guide for Educators.


  • Lauri (2 years!)
  • Jimmy (2 years!)
  • Allison (3 years!)

Publication Update

  • Summer doldrums are hitting us hard
  • August is wide (wide) open. Please send article drafts if you’d like to work on them.

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