June 09, 2022 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

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  • AmyJune Hineline (special guest!)
  • Ron McFarland
  • Jos Groen
  • Jimmy Sjolund
  • Bryan Behrenshausen


Monthly meeting maintainer

@HeidiHVL is unable to plan, schedule, and host monthly meetings for the foreseeable future, as work on the Open Leadership Assessment is heating up (see below). We’re searching for someone to help with meeting logistics. Volunteers get carte blanche to re-imagine the process however they like. Please connect with Heidi if you’d like to take ownership of this.

Special guest: AmyJune Hineline

It is 06:00 her time. Respect!

Expresses her thanks for choosing Opensource.com as our publication platform. OpenOrg community adds an “open culture” dimension to the publication that other community contributors don’t. At the moment, primary concern is that the OpenOrg community’s voice doesn’t get lost through editorial processes. The team has editorial talent and capacity to help with work, but the real goal is to ensure that our unique voice remains intact. So we’ve been brainstorming ways to ensure this isn’t the case. We discuss some logistical matters. Do we need an additional copy editing pass? A community peer review process? AmyJune also wants to spend more time with us, learn from us and gain perspective on “open culture” in order to make the articles more powerful and precise.

Bryan reviews the usual editorial process for OpenOrg, noting that we’re open to changing it to accommodate Opensource.com staff. AmyJune will be invited to our GitHub editorial board so she can view what we’re working on, and so we can keep abreast of editorial changes.

Project Updates

Community code of conduct

We discuss the prospect of a community code of conduct. @laura has been leading community discussion. All agree that a code of conduct is a good idea and we’d like to adopt one. @Bryan notes that Contributor Covenant v1.4 is already pre-approved for adoption by Red Hat-supported projects like ours. Recommend choosing that.

Open Leadership Assessment

Working is going well. We finished drafting all the questions last week (!!), which is a huge milestone. Now @HeidiHVL is creating a prototype of the assessment tool.

Ron: Interested in helping update the prototype. Next step is to standardize the number of questions per section and review a complete prototype.

Jos: Wants to volunteer to help test the survey because he sees it as a resource he can incorporate it into his consulting practice. He has been in touch with Heidi to coordinate.

Jos: Can we couple this work with the other assessment tool we have, the Open Organization Capability Model?

Bryan: Our community members didn’t create (or collaborate on creation of) that tool, so we’re not really sure how it works, who maintains it, etc.

Jos: Interested in leading an effort to take the “raw materials” from that tool (which is written in PHP) and converting them to the format we’re using for the Open Leadership Assessment, so we have two tools that look and feel similarly. @JosGroen to discuss on Discourse and to consider initiative this fall.

Print Publication Updates

Ron’s queue

Recorded presentation with Johan Norberg on Open Societies. That will be out soon. Ron will write an article for Opensource.com previewing the video and linking to all our reviews.

Series on “zero marginal cost societies” is finished and completely published. @Bryan needs to catalog, announce, and tweet it. We’ll need to tighten our communication loop around articles so everyone is aware of when they’re getting published.

Next series of articles on “using habits to expand the utilization of Open Organization Principles” and “applying ‘Smart Thinking’ for Open Organization Principles.”

Open Organization Leaders Manual

Bryan is going to move ahead with publication of the next version of the book, as the final chapter we expected is not likely to arrive soon.

Video updates

Interview with Johan Norberg

Roundtable is recorded and edited. Now working on bumpers and interstitial animations. “It’s getting there.” Have circulated a preview link for speakers to review. Positive response so prepared to release on June 15. @ronmcfarl to write accompanying article for Opensource.com.

Video backlog and channel ownership

Creating templates to make work proceed quicker, and to eventually produce additional promotional videos for, e.g., books in our series. Sorting issues with channel ownership permissions because @Bryan is a doofus and forgot to change the permissions before his account was deleted. @Jimmy handling it with usual grace.

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Once again, this is scheduled for the same time as a client meeting, so I can’t attend BIG FROWN. For the Community Code of Conduct agenda item – it would be great if someone might facilitate a vote on using the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for this project. I think several of us have used this CoC in the past, and are eager to ensure that some sort of CoC is documented at last. We have a Github Issue here, so if there’s disagreement or preferences, discussion items, etc.

FWIW I MISS YOU all and will catch up with the notes async. Hope everyone is well!!

oh and I forgot: @heatherleson and I recorded a podcast about our recent publication! I still need to edit it, but looking forward to sharing with you all!!

Ron -

  1. Recorded presentation with Johan Norberg on Open Societies.
  2. Should have published next articles on 1-Using habits to expand the utilization
    of Open Organization Principles and 2-Applying “Smart Thinking” for Open Organization Principles

Just a heads up that the podcast we recorded with @heatherleson about all the things (including our recent publication) launched this week:


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