June 10, 2021 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770
Video: https://redhat.bluejeans.com/4569610770/


  • Jen Kelchner
  • Bryan Behrenshausen
  • Ron McFarland
  • Ben Owens
  • Heather Leson



Our booth is open again at Summit Part 2. Everyone invited to attend and spend time with attendees if they’d like. Contact @Bryan for details if you’d like to book some time.

Anniversary debrief

Shoutout to @jenkelchner for all her work making custom images, infographics, Twitter cards, LinkedIn assets, and more. We looked really great thanks to her work. And thanks to everyone who shared our stuff with their networks. We had a really successful anniversary day. We launched two projects as part of the anniversary: OpenOrgTV and a public draft of the Open Leadership Definition. We’ll discuss both of those today.

Project Updates


  • Launched on June 02 as part of our anniversary
    • Posted to social media about our launch
    • Increased +19 subscriptions
  • Looking to schedule our next “Ask the Ambassadors” for June
    • We record several episodes at once, responding to several community-submitted questions at a time
    • Ambassadors invited and encouraged to join the conversation
    • @jenkelchner will post on Discourse to invite folks to attend and will open a new ticket/card on GitHub to track the work and schedule things
  • Seeking additional “Meet the Ambassador” video introductions (see @ronmcfarl’s as a great example)
    • Record using the tool of your choice, as long as it produces clear audio and video. This could be Google Meet or BlueJeans or Zoom, for example. You can also just use your phone. Store the file somewhere and share that location/link with @jenkelchner. She will make sure that it gets into a template and has all the proper metadata.
    • @ronmcfarl, for example, just set up his laptop, started the video recorder, and started talking. His was 45 seconds, so the file was small enough to email to Jen.
  • Most-watched video on OpenOrgTV is @ronmcfarl’s video on open organizations and planetary boundaries
  • We should actively promote these popular videos in advance of @ronmcfarl’s next one on June 17
    • @Bryan will queue up some tweets about the series
    • @Bryan can liaise with Jos to talk about LinkedIn options

Open Leadership Definition

  • We released a public draft on our anniversary
    • We’re receiving interesting and useful feedback
    • @HeidiHVL will outline next steps for the project, which will include our timeline for interacting with/responding to the feedback we’ve received
    • @ben.openwaylearning references a video that might be worth watching and incorporating
    • @heatherleson shared that there is a similar review process for OpenStreetMap Foundation Moderation Guidelines (best practices—we learn together)

Editorial Planning

We review the editorial queue and set our priorities for the month ahead. @ronmcfarl adds several new articles and videos to Drafting. @heatherleson notes that she’d like to record a roundtable that includes @laura.

Ambassador Updates

@heatherleson: Working on “Limitless,” Youth Innovation program at IFRC. Our media platform is an OS licence!! Lots of discussion but it is easier to apply the OS license (Launched on May 31, 2021) https://limitless.solferinoacademy.com/