June 12, 2023 Meeting

June 12, 2023 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 08:30 Eastern / 13:30 UTC / 14:30 CET
Meeting link: https://meet.google.com/opv-beam-cam


  • Allison Matlack
  • Jimmy Sjolund
  • Shabnoor Shah
  • Ben Owens
  • Ron McFarland
  • Bryan Behrenshausen

Project Updates

(none this month)

Publication Updates

  • Status of Opensource.com still uncertain

    • We discuss several rumors and the recently posted updated
    • Shabnoor and Jimmy had some meetings with internal Red Hat stakeholders
    • No intent to reverse decision to pull support for community sites
  • Ron is continuing to write, though we have no publication outlet at the moment; needs editorial assistance

    • Mostly focused on writing about startups at the moment
    • Emphasis is on startups in the developing world
  • We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various funding models, for-profit and non-profit community sponsorships, self-funding and self-governing etc.

Ambassador Updates

Ben Owens

Teachers are off school for summer and entering professional development season, so work is picking up. All going well.

Shabnoor Shah

Continuing to work with Open Leadeship community of practice at Red Hat, working to maintain its forward momentum. Remit of Shabnoor’s work continues to be “open leadership,” writ large, inside the company and beyond; outside work, working with autism-focused NGO.

Allison Matlack

Working on internal guidance about remote-first communication norms; looking to open source via GitHub (yay!).

Bryan Behrenshausen

Facilitating his first external TeamOps workshop in coming month. Also continuing work on our editorial archives.

Next meeting

Next Ambassador meeting will be on the 13th of July at 08:30 EST / 14:30 CEST / 21:30 JST.

Thanks for sharing the meeting notes @Bryan - I’m excited to learn more about the TeamOps workshop!

You bet, @kattekrab! Unfortunately that particular workshop was postponed but I’ve got lots of other TeamOps-related projects in the works and happy to share some time.