June 13, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 13:00 UTC / 14:00 CET



Ambassador updates

Ben Cotton: working an a few article ideas; looking for the ever-elusive writing time; thinking about a piece on perception/reality and arguments/debates; coming up on one year as Fedora program manager; thinking of a piece on “community”;

Heidi: celebrated 1 yr anniv as a Madame Ambassador; working on customer empowerment article; developed and presented on open organization with BB to my org in Red Hat, CEE; figuring out who in my inner circle wants to contribute to opensource.com so BB can give us a mini writing workshop. Anyone have customer empowerment stories that created positive outcomes for a business, rather than negative outcomes that exemplify the risk of doing things to empower customers?

Jen: Woke up in a mood, so the hair is even shorter; has become a de facto project manager; event in Manila has grown to 30 labs (economic development, rethinking MBAs, and more); travels next week!

Jonas: Just returned from Europe (Kubecon), where I was on the contributor summit (300+ people); Cloud Native Computing Foundation sponsored; held some sessions for newbies to 1) open source and 2) Kubernetes; now beginning planning for Kubecon in San Diego (Jonas will be marketing lead)

Rebecca: Heidi and Rebecca gave an OpenOrg talk at Summit (standing room only); planning out next steps for conferences; working on new projects internally (“Ask Shadowman” advice column about Red Hat culture)

Ron: One article in the queue (second part of the series on productive arguments); bundle on productive arguments? Next article is on energy, motivation, momentum, and burnout (physical well-being, emotional well-being, mental clarity, and spiritual significance)

Jimmy: It’s last day at school for my daughter today so there is some celebration there this afternoon which I will participate in.

Angela: I am in Boston for a conference and need to travel home later today. If I can join the call at 9 AM Eastern, I will. If I’m not online, it’s because the travel is interfering with my availability. Thank you for understanding and I hope to hear the voices of fellow ambassadors soon.


  • Heidi (April)
  • Ron (June)
  • And a very happy 4th anniversary to our entire community!

All Things Open 2019: What’s everyone’s status?

  • Bryan: rejected (the streak lives on!)
  • Rebecca: rejected
  • Laura: rejected
  • Jonas: accepted

Publication update

Community updates

  • Chat platform/discussion board for maintaining conversation and connection between meetings? Thoughts? Options?
    • Something like Discourse? Seems to be a consensus that we give Discourse a try. Discourse can allow for ambassador-only communication and public-facing communication that’s indexable. Discourse also fills a need that other community channels don’t right now
    • Openorg-list: Public mailing list for entire community (not ambassador-specific)
    • GitHub: Public-facing but meant primarily for work on active projects
    • Discourse also allows us to liberate our community materials from behind some Red Hat-specific firewalls (GDocs, etc.)
  • Vary our meeting cadence to accommodate more ambassadors?
    • (One month, 9 a.m. Eastern; next month, 4 p.m. Eastern; then 9 a.m.; then 4 p.m.; etc…?)
    • We will try the above and see how it works!