March 10, 2022 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770


  • Jimmy Sjolund
  • Ron McFarland
  • Jos Groen
  • Bryan Behrenshausen


  • is undergoing migration as part of a system upgrade. All publication is halted until March 15. The new system looks amazing (Bryan had a sneak peek) and it really shows off our materials well!

Ongoing Discussions

Updates to Ambassador description

Jen initiated a discussion about the Open Organization Ambassador role and Bryan continued it on Discourse. What are folks’ thoughts?

  • Jimmy: Agree we should formalize this. The trick is defining the criteria.
  • Ron: Really does not care about criteria (active/extremely active/inactive distinction doesn’t really matter to him)
  • Jos: Time tells us who is active and who isn’t, so maybe our criteria needn’t be too rigid

Updates on single-sentence audience description

Ron has floated some summary work from his annual planning workshop. Should we discuss?

  • Ron walks us through the work to date. We review the descriptions.
  • Invitation for folks to please review the discussion and add their thoguhts and impressions if they’d like.
  • Open unlocks sustainable growth: it takes courage

Project Updates

Open Leadership Assessment

Heidi is leading construction of an Open Leadership Assessment tool. This tool will allow us to oeprationalize the Open Leadership Definition and have something to guide discussions and learning about open leaderhsip mindsets and behaviors.

  • Work is ongoing and going well
  • We’re in the midst of drafting the language for the tool, which will all be open source
  • Jos has current speaking/workshop opportunities, work for which might be useful to our project here (he will share)
  • Jos volunteers to field test the assessment at his workshops (FYI Heidi!)
  • Ron will read and comment on work to date

Open Organizations, Open Societies

Ron offers a quick overview of the book he, Brook Manville, and Bryan have been reading, reviewing, and discussing.

  • Ron’s introduction to the book will be published March 15
  • Brook is working on a two-part review that is currently in editing
  • Ron is going to write another piece to bookend that
  • Bryan will probably write something after that
  • We will also likely do some kind of roundtable video discussion

Open Perspective on Humanitarian Open Organizations

Laura and Heather are writing the next issue of the Open Perspectives series. It’s on social impact-focused open organizations.

  • Laura and Heather now have a complete draft (yay!); Bryan is editing and almost finished with first pass
  • Ron is working on new writing about open organizations and sustainable energy futures
  • Ron sees overlap between these projects and would like to collaborate
  • Possibility of video roundtable? Ron to read Laura and Heather’s work and to assess, maybe prepare an interview session for OpenOrgTV.

Leadership and Transformation

Jos is working on a series of writings and workshops on open leadership and organizational transformation. Some are book chapters, some are workshops and presentations.

  • Working on a new book chapter (Open Organization Leaders Manual)
  • It’s a case study of a transformation initiatve Jos led at a previous organization
  • It explains how open leadership principles and practices helped him guide an organization through transformation (from conventional to open)
  • It’s much more practical than his other writing (including the other chapter hee wrote for the book)
  • This will form the groundwork for a more robust and extensive project in the future (expanded with additional tips and examples from others)
  • Also in the works are video tutorials (three of them) for Red Hat; filming beguins March 29

Website update

We’re gradually crafting a new project website.

  • Jimmy walks us through work to date
  • Laura and Bryan have been hacking away and have a “shell” set up for collaborative work
  • Collecting suggestions and to-do items as issues in the project repository
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