March 14, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 13:00 UTC / 14:00 CET

Ambassador Updates

Allison: Been working in a new role at Red Hat (lead of communications for Products and Technology); studying frictions when announcements occur; assessing breakdowns in trust and related breakdowns (pufferfish brigade); what are overlaps/[potential disjunctions between open source software development model with Open Decision Framework; lots of great discussion about framing problem/solution discussions; Allison is consulting on change management communications

Ron: Starting to work with a new, Austrian, company; Ron is one of two-person team; flew to Austria last week (took some Japanese colleagues); still waiting to see how open the working arrangement will be; company provides equipment for decommissioning and dismantling nuclear power plants; how can we engage multiple stakeholders in doing this?

Heidi: Working on new article about “managed, enabled, and empowered” types of work

Jen: “Good, I think”; playing pinball this week, and she is the pinball; working on a new project that has evolved into a part-time job; lots of hours invested in putting together a global forum; there will be a blog series; this happens in June (attendees include Google, Apple, IBM, and more); getting ready to launch into a new project (six-month stint up front); getting ready to help a blockchain startup become an open organization (based in Europe); all this is more difficult because she can’t move her arm (d’oh!); asking for help with tooling recommendations: what do people recommend for creating text-based repositories of resources for non-engineers? (Also, go see “Captain Marvel”); see also Maisie Williams TEDx Talk

Laura: Is in “like, flamethrower mode”; spent a day ignoring everything and playing with website templating frameworks

Jimmy: Lots going on at Telia these days (been traveling); he’s now officially an Agile coach; building presentations/lightning talks on OpenOrg for conferences in the Nordics (pitching new conference in Sweden)

Ongoing Series


  • Reminder: Deadline to submit programming to All Things Open is TOMORROW
    • Submissions so far
      • OpenOrg Academy workshop (Bryan + Jen + Heidi)
      • OpenOrg maturity discussion (Heidi + Bryan)
      • Open leadership panel (Heidi + Jimmy + Laura + Jen + Allison + Bryan [mod])
      • D+I panel presentation (Laura)

Summit 2019 Update

  • Open Organization will have a presence on the show floor at Red Hat Summit 2019
    • OpenOrg section inside the Culture of Collaboration area
    • Will have some kind of interactive installation, reading area, space for conversation and consultation
    • Still working on swag
    • How to visualize the ambassador group in our space? Faces? Pictures?
    • Remote participation from ambassadors at Summit? Robots?

Community Updates