May 12, 2022 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 3211409849



Community updates

  • Jimmy is now the community’s Infrastructure Maintainer, focusing on the tools we use to get our work done. Jimmy is also now the Multimedia Materials maintainer. He’ll guide our work video productions,
  • Heidi is concentrating on leading community projects and initiatives. She’s also graciously agreed to host our monthly meetings. She’ll take a larger role in this when the Open Leadership Assessment is finished and shipped.
  • Heidi notes that we’ve still got an ongoing list of tasks @Bryan owned before his job transition. We’ll continue to use that to ensure that nothing falls through the proverbial cracks.


Monthly community report

This is something we issued monthly, at the end of the month. We could use volunteers to create, update and send. Contact @HeidiHVL and @Bryan if you’re interested.

Project Updates

Open Leadership Assessment

@HeidiHVL reports: We’ve made some amazing progress on this. By next meeting, we should wrap a complete draft and incorporate all the survey items into a working prototype (a LimeSurvey survey instrument). Next step: pilot the assessment to get real user feedback. You can see the work on HedgeDoc. Anyone is welcome to participate! We’re wrapping drafting by May 23. We’re looking for users for testing! (Bryan notes that @JosGroen offered an opportunity to pilot with users in his workshops.) @ben.openwaylearning says his team wants to use the tool, too (and will send feedback).

Open Organization Leaders Manual

Update from @Bryan: My job transition has meant that I haven’t made any progress on this work for the past few weeks. However, soon I should be settled into my new role well enough to do so. The goal is to produce an updated version of The Open Organization Leaders Manual featuring a new chapter from @JosGroen and a few bug fixes.

Publication Updates

Notes from @ronmcfarl: Picking up writing again and has worked with AmyJune at Next article is getting ready for release. He’s written material that will carry him to end of the year. @Bryan will update the editorial calendar to reflect in-process work.

Video Updates

Jimmy: @Jimmy: Besides the roundtable recording above, me and Bryan structured the Video project on Github. I would also like to take up the book series that Jen started but need to find a workflow to produce videos with the same look and feel as the one already created.

@Bryan: We’ve been able to book a recording session for a roundtable with Johan Norberg, author of the book Open, on which we published four articles recently. Recording will be May 17! We’re looking forward to the conversation. Thanks to @Jimmy for getting us set up.

Ambassador Updates

@Bryan: Trying to connect with a community member from the NC Triangle to discuss open organizations. Will keep everyone posted on progress and likely pull Ambassadors into the conversation when he has a sense of the community member’s questions and organizational challenges.
@laura: sorry to miss you all again, this time it isn’t a client meeting but rather I’m on holiday. Just a quick note to say I’ll be back next week and @heatherleson and i will restart some promotion for the Perspectives we wrote together. Hope everyone is well!!
@JosGroen: Working on a webinar series with Red Hat. Thinking about defining “open” by way of acronym (O.P.E.N.).