May 13, 2021 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770
Video: Blue Jeans Network | Video Collaboration in the Cloud



  • GitHub tutorial: @JosGroen has expressed interest in having one. We table this discussion until @JosGroen can join us and we can discuss it more thoroughly.
  • June 02 is our community’s anniversary. Do we want to do anything? Host anything? Release anything? We have two ideas:
    • Release v.01 of the Open Leadership Definition for broader public comment
    • Officially launch the YouTube channel (see below)

Project Updates

Video channel

  • is now configured
  • We like the idea of launching June 02 as part of the anniversary
  • Would do we need/should we have for an official launch?
    • Update OpenOrg project home page (Bryan)
    • Welcome video? (Bryan + Jen)
    • Social media campaign? (Bryan on Twitter)
    • Live community happy hour?
    • Record an introduction to the Ambassadors? +1 Share videos over the course of the month (Laura + Everyone)
    • Publish article about the channel (Laura + Bryan)
    • Community retrospective roundtable video? (Heidi)

Open Leadership Definition

@laura offers a readout on our progress.

  • Basic descriptions of principles are finished
  • Each section contains three parts: explanatory text, list of mindsets, list of behaviors
  • Document is long, but is a “good intellectual framework”; it will lead to more resources, like a maturity model
  • v0.1 should be ready for launch in coordination with June 02 anniversary celebration
  • Future ideas: maturity model, word cloud, one-sheeter

Editorial planning

We review the editorial queue to strategize and synchronize for May.

Series planning

  • Ask the Ambassadors (Jen): New series launched this week. Maybe run this quarterly? Monthly? Recording sessions should be 30 minutes long, during which we’ll record multiple episodes at once. Then we split them up in post-production. Publication days will be Wednesdays going forward. Call to action is to DM us or tweet at us with their questions. Additionally, direct them to Discourse to the “Ask the Community” section where people can leave their questions and comments. We have raw audio of all interactions and should mine these for great social media sound bites.
  • Managing with Open Values (Heidi)
  • Open Leadership Conversations (Heidi)
  • Managing Talent in Open Organizations (Jos)
  • Open Organizations and Sustainable Development (Ron): Working on Part 3. Aim is to make the video much shorter this time (from ~30 minutes to ~10 minutes)

Ambassador Updates

  • Ron: Reading lots, got lots of notes for new articles. Interested in recording videos on older articles for anniversary.
  • Laura: Working on several projects right now. Several clients through the co-op need “basic training.” Working on multiple projects with Greenpeace, too. The shift to remote work has intensified her work. “Ownership of ideas” has been a frequent issue or blocker for remote teamwork; people seem reluctant to share with one another, even just collaborate on a document. In the non-profit sector, making mistakes that effect funding is a critical concern; working openly might lead to mistakes or missteps and might deter sponsors.

Tx for the heads up!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Jos Groen

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