May 16, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 13:00 UTC / 14:00 CET

Introducing Guests

Allison Showalter - corporate comms on the PR stuff. Essentially anything that doesn’t deal with products (culture, diversity +inclusion, open organizations)

Amber Lynum (PR at Red Hat, specializing in emerging technologies, developer programs, etc.

Katie-Gray Altmann (Creative strategist at Red Hat; designed and executed the primary attraction at Summit booth)

Ambassador Updates

Rebecca Fernandez: Sorry I can’t make it today, have another meeting that I have to present at. Enjoyed catching up with folks at Summit! Working on updating Red Hat’s internal communications guidelines still, interesting project where folks are sharply divided about what good / bad looks like. Stay tuned to hear how it all shapes up. :slight_smile: Hosted our second meeting of internal Culture Activators at Red Hat, lots of energy and excitement, pointing people to Open Org resources as well as things we’ve created that are focused on Red Hat culture specifically. This month, we focused on tips for creating a more inclusive environment, especially in projects and meetings. Always cool to see the culture strengths and challenges across different locations; what comes easily to folks in the West is a struggle in the East, and vice versa, but when you can bring the strengths of each type of culture together, it’s magical to watch!

Ben Owens: Doing some work with high-risk students, traveling to various conferences at meeting with various educational stakeholders; also went to Summit

Jen: Building a global workplace forums learning lab for next month (Manila); becoming more challenging every day (how to open a Google Sheet for 500 people?); relearning the art of project management; book on open government with Red Hat NAPS is finished and out; making additions to her resources on simplifying change

Ron: Has an article coming out next week (arguing productively in an open organization, first in a two-part series); thinking about burnout and fatigue after listening to recording of last month’s meeting; offered some book recommendations on fatigue and emotional labor; also working with Braun on dismantling nuclear power plants; Ron offers a primer on the nuclear industry and its machinations in Japan

Laura: Laura is super-certified (as a rescue diver!); working on RH + Greenpeace collaboration; sitting on steering committee there (working on running projets the open way); hoping RH will push GP to think hard about its operating procedures and build a crackerjack new piece of software; still working on Maybe Zombies

Jimmy: We should pitch something to Open Source Summit Europe, they have suggestion stream for inclusion and diversity (; working on some meetings with RH over lunch (Tom Schwartz presentation: with HR Swedbank on open organisation

Heidi: boo hoo I can’t make it as I have an all-hands meeting for my org this AM. Working on an internal to red hat preso with BB on what an open org is. We can’t assume red hatters know! Almost done with Article on customer empowerment. BB, I will tag you in the article. Need help deciding what second example should be and you might be helpful as a fresh pair of eyes to the material Trying to get my comrade to write for open source - will see if BB wants to meet with us to demystify the writing process. Invented a new word - lol - Noun, “peasantation” - a slide show given by a low ranking individual contributor to a condescending senior leader; no reason or personal experience leads me to create it—just a typo and a sense of humor!

Summit Report

Ambassadors attending Red Hat Summit to report on their research and impressions

  • Ben Owens: Significant number of conversations with people who were not at all familiar with the open organization concept; got to witness a lot of “ah-ha” moments; also a significant number who had read the book, but were not aware of the entire series; lots of positivity; Ben brought his own illustrated copy of the Open Organization Definition along, because people love it
  • Sam: One takeaway I had from Summit was around the need for people who need help “managing up” on driving a change toward open culture. We typically focus change efforts on getting people on board with a concept that the leadership is already bought into, but I’d like to look at driving bottom-up transition to open in cases where the front line staff is ready and willing but leaders seem focused on status quo.
  • Katie-Gray: “People are resistant to change” was a popular conversation-starter; the word “change” had some baggage, and we should be sensitive to that baggage; many conversations needed to be seeded or guided to some extent; really focused on making the resources better communicate their value
  • Amber: Noticed that people were on teams that were working openly within their own teams, but needed help collaborating across departments or teams
  • Heidi: I second Sam’s observation – I think we need to address Opening executives and managers (e.g., those in traditional “leader” roles in conventional organizations) I also had the pleasure of meeting Allison Showalter who is totes awesome. I think it will be an exciting year for the Open Org team and community and I will support it in any way I can!

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