Neurodiversity in Open Organizations

Super cool idea, really! One option is we can YouTube Livestream via our channel. (I can connect my personal Zoom this way OR anyone else’s tools available to do so.) That way we could have a panel of people as an option and live chat Q&A/Comment thread. So many options to consider!!

Hey @swaite I think we may have talked about a topic related to this, but I’m also looking to write something for managers to use to help them understand how to work with ADHD folx. I’m approaching the topic from the perspective that managers may not understand our needs even when we feel we are explicitly asking for something or folx with ADHD may not have the emotional bandwidth to teach their bosses about ADHD. I wanted to provide some middle point for both groups.

I talked to a couple of folx with ADHD that work in the tech space and they said they would find this incredibly useful and seemed excited by the idea. I talked to Rin Oliver, whom I had seen give a really great talk at KubeCon EU a couple years back, from Camunda (they have Autism and ADHD) and they were also super excited about the idea. I know folx in the ND group at Red Hat would be happy to add their personal perspectives and experiences to the mix. In other words, we would have a lot of experience to pull from.

I think clearly spelling out terminology would be a good first start since we use a lot of terms in the ADHD community that I don’t want to assume people understand. Maybe we could pair on this?

Just wanted to update this thread with something I’m working on for both managers and employees, specific to ADHD, that I hope to align with open organization principals. It’s still really early on in its development. Maybe I can meet with someone on this thread and we can discuss the overlap? Or we can wait until it’s further along. Thoughts?

This looks really cool, @lsward! Thanks for sharing. I’m eager to dive in and read more. When I do, I will do so with an eye toward crossovers and collaborations.

Many thanks to @samknuth for publishing this new article today:

Cross-posting it here, as I suspect folks following this thread will wish to have a look.

This is really useful, @lsward. I especially appreciate the glossary and the questions for potential managers. If we could find an “open angle” on this material especially (e.g., “How to have an open conversation about ADHD with your manager”) I think this would fit perfectly well in the series @samknuth is outlining (but of course I will let him make that decision!).

Yes - I’m excited about this. Need to work a bit on what kind of resources come from this. Love the open conversation idea, but also the fact that this resource is itself open source I think makes it compelling for the open org!

For sure,. @samknuth. Just a technical note, however: the resource isn’t open source, as it doesn’t carry and open license (at least not that I am able to see). @lsward & Co may wish to make a decision in that regard—and if/when they do, that event could be a nice impetus for an article.

Hey @Bryan thanks for pointing this out. I have a bunch of work I’d like to get done over recharge. Adding a license will be one of them for sure. Any suggestions would be welcome since I’m not familiar with licensing on written materials. I will also need to create a contribution guide and possibly some community rules/guidelines. I’ll keep this thread posted.

Sure thing, @lsward! Our community tends to favor Creative Commons licenses. This explainer is helpful if you’re thinking of making a selection!

Great. I’ll look it over. Thanks @Bryan :slight_smile:

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Added a license. Choose the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication since it seemed tor make the most since for what I’m doing.

It seems that the last thoughts on this were mid-year last year. What has happened since? I also have ADHD and work for the federal government. In my role, I research assistive technologies to improve the visitor experience.

My focus is towards capturing the educational experience of our visitors who require cognitive assistive support. I also am an outspoken evangelist that endeavors to push public sector agencies to foster an accessibility-first culture. What is this community to embrace this way of being? I would love to contribute in any way I can.