November 11, 2021 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770


  • Heather Leson
  • Ron McFarland
  • Jen Kelchner
  • Bryan Behrenshausen
  • Heidi Hess von Ludewig


  • Bryan will be out of the office November 18‒28 because BUSTIN’ MAKES HIM FEEL GOOD (also Thanksgiving holiday).

Project Updates

2022 strategy planning

Plans for 2022 strategy workshop are coming into focus. This year, rather than organize and host a single event comprised of multiple components, we’re thinking of taking a more “modular” approach, doing a “workshop series,” breaking the event into separate workshop sessions (each, say, ~75 minutes in in length) that run throughout a given week or two. We could also use pre-recorded video to help folks prepare for the sessions and make the most of our collaborative time together. All Ambassadors would be invited to all sessions but would attend only those they choose.

  • Bryan asks for thoughts, opinions, feedback on the idea
  • Discussion of timing: End of 2021? Beginning of 2022?
    • Establish a two-week “time window” and schedule sessions within it
    • January seems most appealing, as more people are fresh
    • Mix synchronous and asynchronous approaches across time zones
    • Vary session meet times to accommodate folks in various time zones
  • Ideas for session topics:
    • Exploring our mission, vision, and “target customer/target audience” (Ron to lead)
    • Evolving our governance model and Ambassador designation description (Jen to lead)
    • Strengthening our contributor pipeline and adding new participants (Heather and Bryan to co-lead?)
    • Establishing a more focused approach to social media and community marketing (Jen happy to co-lead and looking for a partner)
    • Planning high-priority projects for 2022
    • Revising the website in 2022

Bryan creates a separate planning document to coordinate this work.

Publication Updates

Let’s review the editorial calendar and see what’s in progress.


Jen reports on our channel:

  • up to 66 subs now
  • Building Trust in Organizations No. 1 video in last month (average watchtime is 2:30 mins)
  • Would like to set up a round of ATA before year end? Any interest?

Opensource dot com

The article pipeline is a barren wasteland (typical for this time of year). Got ideas? Send 'em to Bryan and let’s collaborate!

Open Perspectives

New update to the series is out! Jos has updated his issue on talent management.

  • Bryan is ready to begin working with a new author on the next issue.
  • Heather and Laura are discussing an Open Perspective on open humanitarian organizations. Will draw up a plan and circulate with the community for initial review. Bryan volunteers to coordinate work, edit, and otherwise liaise. (See new GitHub issue.)

Ambassador Updates

  • Jimmy: Attending training
  • Jos: Attending a wedding
  • Heidi: Attending to kidlet (any community members want to be a nanny—clarification: the nanny is for Heidi); working on a course on Open Leadership for Red Hat (outlining target learner, learning objectives, goals, etc.), and will begin work in earnest in 2022. Worked with Bryan to make a presentation on open organizations, open leadership, and digital transformation (the “people side” of transformation), which we delivered to Red Hat China and was translated into Chinese for a marketing event
  • Jen: Interchange represented at COP26 today on open collaboration and sustainability. We launched our first phenomena report on open culture this week based on the last 2 years of work (Insights Report – Interchange); we are hosting a community call on ISPO/OSPO and sustainable ecosystems on December 1st which will include guests from Comcast, InnerSource Commons and Johns Hopkins University. (Events – Interchange)
  • Heather: With Laura, planning an Open Perspective on open organizations and humanitarian open source projects (see above). People are leaving humanitarian organizations because they sense the turn to openness isn’t happening quickly enough. Also working on the Open Data Playbook (due out January and February). The goal is to have a common language and a common framework for thinking about open data issues. Been piloting and developing for quite some time. Version 1.0 is under construction.
  • Ron: Working on a video interview with Jos as part of Open Perspectives. Planning call next week. Also working with the community on a one-sentence definition of our target audience. Finally, working on launching new workstream on common community resource for explaining open organizations.
  • Bryan: Presenting next week at Government IT Symposium (title is “Open Organizations: An Introduction”); will share slide deck with Ron as part of his project.
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