November 12, 2020 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770


  • Ron McFarland
  • Ben Owens
  • Jos Groen
  • Laura Hilliger
  • Heidi Hess von Ludewig
  • Allison Matlack
  • Sam Knuth


Meet Jos Groen

@JosGroen , recent author and contributor, joins our meeting to introduce himself and his work. We return the introductions.

Interest in a community workshop?

@Bryan really missed hosting everyone in Raleigh for All Things Open this year. In the past (2016, 2019), we’ve commenced the conference with an Ambassadors’ workshop. Would anyone be interested in having one remotely?

@HeidiHVL suggests using this time for thinking and strategizing on long-term projects, such as our LinkedIn presence and, by extension, our social media strategy. Other topics could include a community podcast or video series/channel.

@ronmcfarl would also like to see us do a bit of community soul-searching, reflecting on our identity, mission, and vision. This is especially useful as we open new platforms on, e.g., LinkedIn, and think about our strategies there.

Project Updates


@JosGroen volunteers to help get the OpenOrg LinkedIn “company page” off the ground. @HeidiHVL ill grant him access to the group there, where she is already collaborating with @jenkelchner. Please join in the discussion and planning.

Open Organization Leaders Manual

We’ve released Version 2.2. It includes a new chapter and other important tweaks. Also important to note that we’ve now “refactored” the manual so that contents are more accessible and the project is more collaborative. Previously, @Bryan was the only person who could really perform edits and bug fixes; now, anyone can fix bugs and submit pull requests. @trncb and @Bryan have been scheming about this for a very long time!

Guide to Distributed Teamwork

@Bryan attempting to coordinate with two authors for final chapters necessary for v1.0. Also initiated discussion about final title and book cover.

Publication Updates

“Managing with Open Values” interview series

Series is going well, publishing at a rate at roughly once per month. Recent interviewee was @amatlack; next up is @samknuth. Potential new work on the subject of power relations and openness in organizations.

“Open Organizations and Innovation” review series

This series is a long review of a book entitled How Innovation Works by Matt Ridley. Two parts (of three) have been published so far. @Bryan is working on editing the final installment, which focuses on case studies.

Ambassador Updates

@laura: Wants to participate a strategy workshop for OpenOrg community. Giving four talks in the near future (IBM, Red Hat, Greenpeace, and more). Charities have been a popular client lately. Also conducting workshops with Red Hat on seamless government.

@amatlack : Completed two interviews with @HeidiHVL and a chapter for the book.

@ben.openwaypbl : Last month’s panel went well. The panel was recorded but is not (yet) available for public viewing. Now involved in a conference on open educational resources (OER).

@JosGroen: Helping to build an open leaders community in the Netherlands, focused on increasing transparency in organizations. Every community call doubles in size (lots of interest!). Also participating in an effort to promote more women in IT.

@jenkelchner: Feedback from recent master classes is rolling in and looking really great. Lots of learning. Finding new ways to address disparities in understanding regarding open values and principles. Also invited to speak about reskilling, automation, AI, and open organizations at a new UK startup. Interested in holding wider community meeting/working group/task force about next-generation media initiative (videocast, podcast, etc.). Email her or DM her on Twitter if you’re interested in working on this.

@Bryan: Finished a stock presentation template for community to use for externally facing events. It’s linked from Discourse. Feedback welcome! Also working on “refactoring” the Open Organization Leaders Manual, Second Edition so that it’s easier to edit collaboratively online. This follows community experiments with the Guide to Distributed Teamwork.

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