November 13, 2023 Meeting

November 13, 2023 Meeting

Meeting at 08:30 Eastern / 13:30 UTC / 14:30 CET

Meeting conducted via Google Meet


Ron McFarland, Ben Owens, Jos Groen, Bryan Behrenshausen, Shabnoor Shah, Allison Matlack

Project Updates

Third Edition of the Leaders Manual

  • Jos, Bryan, and Shabnoor met to discuss pre-planning for this
  • Idea is the launch a new version before “summer” (relative to your hemisphere!)
  • Current status is: pre-planning, working through existing table of contents
  • Identifying authors that would like to update, refresh, add, subtract, materials, etc.
  • Allison filing GitHub issues to begin tracking work
  • Working milestone on GitHub is v3.0

LinkedIn group on open leadership

  • Shabnoor has kicked this off and offers a publishing venue for community authors
  • Ron has been republishing his work there on a weekly basis (two-parters are twice per week); plan is to continue until early next year; feedcback so far has been good
  • LinkedIn has been a nice platform for engagement with target audience and community

Publication Updates

Update on

  • Heather to set up a meeting with OSDN leadership to discuss community contributions
  • OSDN only accepts pitches from contacts who are at least individual members
  • Additionally, we can remember that Jim Hall is now running Coaching Buttons
  • Ron suggests we consider copyright implications of one venue over another, and with regard to our own book publishing, etc.

Ambassador Updates


  • Working on a new initiative to capture open leadership experiences
  • Working on connecting with OpenOrg community members and former Red Hat colleagues from Innovation Labs
  • Proposed launch date is early 2024


Ben Owens

  • Annual travel schedule is settling down (really since July)
  • The Open Leadership Assessment has been a nice conversation-starter with clients in the education space


  • Working on a small book
  • Consists of “what-if” questions
  • Tied directly to open organization characteristics
  • Will be published first in Dutch
  • Organized around “paradoxes” produced in transition from conventional leadership and open leadership


  • Spoke at All Things Open on the Open Leadership Assessment
  • Continuing to archive our article archives

Next meeting

Thursday, December 14 at 08:30 Eastern / 13:30 UTC / 14:30 CET

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Really sorry to have missed you all. Thanks for the notes! Congrats on all the awesome work you’re doing :smile_cat:

Hi everyone! I saw the note about Coaching Buttons (thanks!) and the question about copyright. I manage the Coaching Buttons site.

The copyright statement on the Coaching Buttons site is meant to reflect the website design, etc. Authors always keep the copyright for their articles published on Coaching Buttons - that’s why we publish everything under a Creative Commons license.

If different wording about copyright would help, it’s easy to update the website statement - let me know.

Anyone is welcome to share an article on Coaching Buttons. The site is focused on leadership and management topics - especially the open organization approach. We don’t run ads and we don’t do sponsored articles.

And the same is true for Technically We Write for anyone who wants to write about writing. :smiley:

I’d love to attend the next meeting and chat about it, but I’m speaking at a conference on Dec 14th. How about January?

I’m thinking a posting an original article on Coaching Buttons. All my articles give reference to at least one of five Open Organization Principles, namely Transparency, Inclusivity, Adaptability, Collaboration, and Community.
1-Would it be OK to link my article posted on Coaching Buttons to one of those Definitions? They are at Then, we both can share in the value.
2. Could we forward the article to The Open Organization and various LinkedIn websites?


I’m really delighted to see this conversation. Thanks, @jhall, for your continued engagement and support of the community, and @ronmcfarl for keeping this important conversation going.

Jim, love the idea of you attending an upcoming community call to “pitch” Coaching Buttons to the community. In particular, I think it would be useful for us all to hear about the vision and mission that animate the site, along with any kinds of editorial guidelines and/or “hot topics” you think the site will be covering. Naturally, we’ll want to be sure that what we write is a natural and appropriate fit, editorially speaking.

Plus, more selfishly, it’d just be good to see you.

I understand that the 14 December meeting is a no-go. What if we were to change the date of the meeting to another day that week (for example, December 11)? Would that help?

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Hi Ron - Yes, that sounds like a great article! And no problem sharing the article in the Open Org and LinkedIn. All articles are CC and your copyright so you can do what you want with them after we run them on Coaching Buttons.

Great Jim,
I’ll send you a Google Doc Share of the article I’m referring to as an initial article, and we can talk about it.

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Hi Bryan - Thanks for the invite to the next meeting! I’d love to be there. I’m speaking at the Government IT Symposium on all three days, so I’m unavailable then. But Friday 15 Dec should be free, all day. I have some time on Monday 11 Dec between noon and 2pm (US/Central time).

I’m all about an open community at Coaching Buttons, and I’d love to have lots of folks contribute articles there. The range of topics is pretty broad, anything that fits “leadership” and “management” - especially using a “lead from within” (i.e. “Open Organization”) model.

Thanks, @jhall! I’ve moved the meeting to 2023-12-15 to accommodate your schedule that day. Looking forward to seeing you.