November 14, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 16:00 Eastern / 20:00 UTC / 21:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770

Special Presentation

Joining us at this month’s meeting was Matt Thompson of Work Open, who provided an overview of his current research and work-in-progress. We engaged in a lively and productive discussion about open source communities, open organizations, “preconditions” for openness, and the similarities and differences between our projects.

In particular, Matt walked us through his list of five key “themes” or “muscles” for healthy organizations:

  • Purpose (why)
  • Agility (how)
  • Empathy (who)
  • Trust (emotional safety)
  • Openness (transparency)

At December’s meeting, we’ll return to regularly scheduled programming!

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