October 08, 2020 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770
Video: https://redhat.bluejeans.com/4569610770/


  • Jonas Rosland
  • Ben Owens
  • Jimmy Sjölund
  • Jen Kelchner
  • Laura Hilliger
  • Allison Matlack
  • Heidi Hess von Ludewig
  • Bryan Behrenshausen
  • Nala


@jonasrosland reminds everyone about All Things Open and its associated Communtiy Leadership Summit, on the horizon! All Things Open occurs in two weeks (October 19). Community Leadership Summit is part of ATO this year. Register now!

Project Updates

We review some of our major initiatives.

New website

We’re live and looking good! Big ups to @laura for the final (and critical) coat of polish necessary for getting this out the door. We’re tracking all site-related work on a project board. Got comments? Feedback? Suggestions? Use the board or let someone on the web team know.

Community forum

Our community forum on Discourse is now accepting signups. So far, nine new folks have joined. Hopefully we’ll see them pop into conversations soon.

Publication Updates

We review the editorial queue and check the status of our work.

Updates on current series

Managing with Open Values: Series is going so well. Five installments published so far. Next up is @amatlack. @angrobe will follow her. Enough material to publish through the end of the calendar year.

Open Organizations and Innovation: @Bryan reports on @ronmcfarl series, which is coming together really well. First installment will debut in October.

Ambassador Updates

@ben.openwaypbl : Collaborating with @jenkelchner on a roundtable event, which brings educators together to consider the issue of political speech. Emphasis is on the way thinking openly helps us frame the conversation. Can it “be an impetus for change”? @ben.openwaypbl is moderating. @jenkelchner is a panelist. Webinar is one week from this meeting. @ben.openwaypbl will share details. Everyone invited. Focus is on North Carolina education, but applicability is of course much wider. @jenkelchner is working on “moderating my mouth.”

@jenkelchner : Along with esteemed Open Co-Op colleague @laura, working on a year-long effort with Red Hat public sector teams. Just finished sessions on “leadership in a post-pandemic world” with participants from Ireland, Sweden, and Germany. Everything is going amazingly well (attendees did not want to leave the sessions). Lots of learning happening. Asked to develop a proposal for more sessions 2021. Also initiates a conversation about potential community podcast. @HeidiHVL volunteers to spearhead if there’s interest.

@Laura: Working with @jenkelchner . Pilot ended last week. Working on follow-up reports and debriefs, packaging everything else so it can be replicated in other experiential learning contexts. Has a meeting with potential contributor to Guide to Distributed Teamwork.

@Jimmy: Working on a presentation for All Things Open. Will deliver that on October 20.

@amatlack : Notes that call for proposals to Red Hat Summit launched this morning. Reports that her team engaged with @Laura and the co-op for some training sessions. “Good to work with someone who is familiar with Red Hat but not in Red Hat.”

@jonasrosland : Launching a non-profit next week. It’s focused on video game history and preservation. Involves interviewing people working in games. Lots of preservation activity, too. Seeking community assistance with intergrating open values into the non-profit. More specifically, “would lllllooooovvve” that.

@HeidiHVL : Open Organization is now on LinkedIn. Working on getting it off the ground, making some strategic decisions about it, thinking about goals, etc. @jenkelchner and @HeidiHVL will talk. @Bryan will be part of the discussion if it turns into a larger conversation about community social media. Idea to turn this into an office hours discussion, so we can meet and focus on stategy.

@Bryan: Helping @Jimmy with presentation for All Things Open. As part of that, working on a new template for community presentations. Will give anyone access for early feedback (please request!).


Again, I’m sorry I missed the meeting. Here are my thoughts.

  1. Thanks for reporting on our innovation article progress.

  2. I have some ideas about diversity. I will share you a document on it. Please pass it on to Ben for his consideration. There is a 3-step proposal that I suggest. Maybe Ben can modify it to his situation in North Carolina. Hopefully it is helpful.

  3. Jonas’ idea of non-profit gaming community is great. That is a powerful way to introduce Open Principles. I think it would be a great educational tool too.

Again, sorry I missed the meeting. If there is a recording of it, please let me know how I can view it.


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