October 12, 2023 Meeting

October 12, 2023 Meeting

Meeting at 08:30 Eastern / 13:30 UTC / 14:30 CET


Jimmy Sjölund
Allison Matlack
Jos Groen
Ronald McFarland

Project Updates

No updates since last meeting.

Publication Updates

Update on opensource.net

No update as Heather was not present.

Ambassador Updates


Finally published “How to communicate like a GitHub engineer”, including publishing our internal comms guidance under CC-BY-4.0.


Maybe got an emeritus coming back to the community. Plans with Bryan to create the Leaders Manual version 3, maybe next year. Collaborating with Red Hat in Netherlands, created three webinars that might be shared with the community. Reached out to Jim Whitehurst in LinkedIn, as the new interim CEO for Unity, that we are still active in the Open Org community if they would like to collaborate.


Posting old articles on LinkedIn, both in the Open Organization and Open Leadership community.
Where to write/publish new articles? Has several in the pipeline.


No updates.

Next meeting

November 13, 2023.

I really missed seeing you all today! Sorry I couldn’t be there. But will look forward to connecting in a a month. @HeidiHVL and I are preparing to speak on the Open Leadership Assessment at All Things Open.