October 14, 2021 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770
Video: Blue Jeans Network | Video Collaboration in the Cloud


  • Bryan Behrenshausen
  • Heidi Hess von Ludewig
  • Ron McFarland
  • Jen Kelchner
  • Jos Groen
  • Jimmy Sjolund


  • OpenOrg will exhibit virtually at All Things Open next week; it’s a small presence (no community chat, a few materials available for download) that we’re once again sharing with The Open Source Way. Participants can look at videos, download books, and check out our site
  • Heidi: studying maturity models right now. Asking for folks to send her examples of maturity models of all types, no matter their format. Looking for survey the field and find inspiration for our next effort.

Project Updates

Annual planning/strategy session

In the past, we’ve held planning workshops at the end of/beginning of the year. Any interest in doing that again?

  • Ron: Interested in conducting annual review/revisit of our mission and purpose. Ron presents “how to craft a one sentence description of your organization” based on Ron’s article from The Inside Advantage by Robert Bloom. You can add your thoughts to a working document.
  • Jen: Interested in conducting annual review/revisit of our governance structure(s). Jen is interested in even several hourly sessions spread out to do the work.
  • Perhaps we do a little bit of preliminary work now, and schedule something more robust for, e.g., December or January?
  • We come up with several agenda possibilities:
    • Craft a one sentence description of Open Organization. Do some prework and develop a “who” “what” “how” “own it” sentence to discuss in the strategy session (these remain undisclosed with the group until the strategy sesh to avoid bias)
    • Thematic focus areas either for the community, or for us as individuals. Heidi has found it helps her organize her work for the year and it also helps to connect to other Ambassador’s work to collaborate on things
    • Visibility and networking: how to giving more talks and keynotes at conferences, visibility of our work, building the online network and finding new ambassadors
    • Conferences: what conferences we are attending, what to prepare for, how to maintain a community calendar of potential speaking events/engagements
    • Programming for community: Host our own interactive workshops or live events/conversations on OpenOrgTV
    • Retrospective on 2021: OpenOrgTV and LinkedIn etc.

Open Perspectives

“Open Perspectives” series launched today! Jos Groen’s perspective, “Opening Up to Leadership Talent,” is the first installment. This is a new series of “medium-length” (not article, not book) print materials from community authors.

Publication Updates

We review the publication queue and take stock of everything in the pipeline.


  • Jen no longer exists on a linear plane of time
  • Slow month for us in publications; will swing back up in November
  • Would anyone like to do another round of Ask the Ambassador before end of year? You’d just need to show up for one hour in November.

Opensource dot com

  • New writing from Heidi is imminent (will land by the end of the month)
  • Series can now turn into Open Perspectives (so chat with Bryan if you’re interested)

Ambassador Updates

  • Jen: delivered a keynote on my open behavior research on collaboration to Microsoft Europe last week; next week my company is delivering a 2-day public sector conference to Latin America for Future Ready Government; also with that launching publicly my new company and platform that will house the new company service delivery. Launching a new company (joint venture), Interchange.

I have a new standing meeting plunked on top of the open org timeslot, so I unfortunately am not going to be able to come even as much as I was (which was not much). Lame ambassador here. But I can almost certainly find time in November if @jenkelchner is doing more videos, and I feel way way overdue for some kind of article, so I will think on if/how I can contribute to that series @Bryan.

I would love to work on an Open Perspective from you, @amatlack. Let’s please think about how to make this happen!