October 24, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at October 24 at 09:00 Eastern / 13:00 GMT / 14:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770
Video: https://redhat.bluejeans.com/4569610770/

Ambassador Updates

  • Ben Owens: Lots of travel lately! Was in town briefly for All Things Open for a hot minute, before leaving for Denver (with PBL Works). Through Open Way Learning, working with several schools now in North Carolina (including NC State and Duke, in the Triangle).

  • Heidi: Working on six Summit proposals (the deadline is extended to tomorrow!); one of those is with @bryan and one is with @jenkelchner. Working on a fascinating case study of open organization development in the mortgage industry. “I really need to finish the article on customer empowerment.”

  • Jen: “Buckle up!” Since last meeting, been in three countries and four US cities. Leaving tomorrow for Nashville. Then two additional states in the US. Devliering workshop, writing a new series for Opensource.com. Submitted four Summit panels. Speaking at an upcoming Red Hat event on Government Leader’s Guide to Culture Change. Doing some ghostwriting now, but also beginning a new blockchain project. (Too many other things to type!)

  • Laura: “Also buckle up.” Worked on several events (including one with Jen). Recently launched official collaboration between Red hat and Greenpeace (premiering now on Opensource.com). Launched that series at TechExchange (which involved a hackathon). Submitted three proposals to Summit (non-profits, empowering hidden figures in tech, seamless government)

  • Ben Cotton: Dialing in from Westford today. Now has ten article ideas gleaned from Summit. Submitted two proposals for Red Hat Summit (including “Digital Transformation for Analog Humans”).

  • Jimmy: Flashing his t-shirts and his books. Major reorganization at work, so trying to infuse more openness and transparency into the systems along the way. Conference season in Sweden begins very soon. Traveling around Sweden.

  • Ron: Received a response on burnout article (looks like someone needs help!). Not traveling internationally right now, but traveling around Japan quite a bit! Visiting nuclear power plants around Japan (and enjoying the train travel!). Ron is tracking closely the public/private sector partnerships that are leading open approaches to energy independence (through small nuclear power reactors). An open approach is the best way to approach these issues. “Open sourcing” is becoming a popular term in nuclear power development at the moment (Ron tracking this, too). Coming to Raleigh in November. Wants to discuss links to Red Hat Japan and learn more about Red Hat products and services. Thinking of next article. It’ll be on stakeholders. Who are the people who are impacted by your organization? Shareholders? Customers? Governments? Suppliers? Lenders? Community contributors?

Event Reports

  • Jen (ICA Romania): Went to th 53rd global conference (as a Red Hat partner). Engaged with the We Are Open Co-Op (yay!) to help. Helped run seminars and sessions there. Really struck by the concerns with trust and transparency. Working on culture change in IT (access and delivery, youth employment and aging population). Working to help the ICA Forum build a community and get hosted on a platform (Discourse). Also now taking some of this new workshop material on the road in Europe.

  • Laura (TechExchange Austria): Took roller skates along (“because it is great”), so this is new standard operating procedure for conferences. This was an intense week (talked with about 700 people). Had a booth to discuss open source and open organization work (Greenpeace x Red Hat collaboration work). The event involved a hackathon and a keynote from Laura (giant room, giant cameras). Greenpeace achieved architectual proof of concept. Promising future for the collaboration.

  • Ben Cotton, Heidi, Jen (All Things Open): Jen remembering that someone called the Open Organization booth “the gold nugget of the event.” Heidi thinking the audience here is consideradbly different than the audience at Red Hat Summit. Because All Things Open is so affordable, we get a different type of attendee at the booth. People seemed to just get it in a refreshing way. Had lots of interesting conversations with people who might get involved and participate in the community.

Ambassador Workshop

  • We had a thing!
  • The thing clarified several immediate priorities
    • Develop a public-facing, user friendly, invitational document that helps interested readers and other audience members become more engaged community contributors.
    • Revisit, review, and potentially revise the Open Organization Ambassador program description.
    • Develop and distribute an annual reader survey to gather firsthand research about community’s content preferences.
    • Collaboratively develop a presentation template ambassadors can fork and modify for use in speaking opportunities.
  • Ambassador swag complications

Additional Actions

Publication Updates

Important work that was done during this meeting: