Open Organization Project Transition FAQ

What’s happening?

The upstream Open Organization community is becoming independent from Red Hat’s Open Organization marketing program.

Red Hat’s Open Studio, which previously sponsored Open Organization community activities, will no longer serve as the community’s sponsor. Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office will become the Open Organization community’s new sponsor.

What does this mean for the Open Organization community?

The Open Organization community remains intact. Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office is committed to supporting it the same way it supports other upstream open source communities. The Open Organization community remains a vital participant in a vibrant ecosystem of independent, Red Hat-supported, open communities.

Additionally, the Open Organization community will receive a visual makeover—including a new community logo and branding system—to more clearly distinguish it from Red Hat’s Open Organization marketing initiative and clarify its status as an upstream entity. Red Hat’s Open Studio will undertake this work in accordance with community feedback.

What does this mean for the community’s resources?

Artifacts the Open Organization community has produced—including the Open Organization book series, the Open Organization Definition, and the Open Organization Maturity Model, are Creative Commons-licensed and reside upstream. Articles that authors and ambassadors in the Open Organization community have published on are likewise licensed via a Creative Commons licenses. All these materials are—and remain—open.

In the coming months, these materials will migrate to a new home, an independent web page dedicated to telling the community’s story, showcasing its work, and—most importantly—inviting others to participate in the Open Organization project and contribute to the community’s growing body of openly licensed, upstream resources. Additional details will be available soon.

Can we still publish our work at

Yes! managing editor, Jen Wike Huger, welcomes everyone to continue publishing articles about open organization theory and practice on if they wish to do so. Bryan will connect interested writers with the team. Red Hat’s Open Studio, however, will no longer provide dedicated editorial and community management resources in support of the Open Organization community.

How will this transition impact the Open Organization Ambassador program?

The Open Organization Ambassadors are the Open Organization community’s most prolific contributors. This sponsorship transition affords the Ambassadors an ability to more directly influence future leadership and community architecture decisions. We’ll be discussing program possibilities and potentials in the weeks and months ahead.

What happens now?

The Open Organization community will continue to spearhead the global conversation about the ways open principles are changing how we work, manage, and lead. This transition to new sponsorship provides an exciting opportunity to re-imagine the community’s identity, mission, and architecture as we enter what is truly a new era for the project.

We’ll continue discussions and activities on community-driven channels, including:

Who’s in charge here, anyway?

The Open Source Program Office has granted Bryan the resources necessary for overseeing a successful and productive community transition. This sponsorship transition affords the Open Organization community greater authority to make future community leadership and architecture decisions.