Open Perspectives

The Open Organization project is pleased to announce the launch of Open Perspectives, a series of short, timely, and openly licensed publications featuring voices from our community of experts on open organizational culture, design, and leadership as they explore what they consider the most pertinent and pressing issues facing modern organizations—and explain how open principles can help us address those issues.

The series commences with new writing from Open Organization Ambassador Jos Groen (@JosGroen). In “Opening Up to Leadership Talent,” Jos explains how open principles can serve as the foundation for talent management—particularly in hybrid organizations transitioning from conventional organizational structures and cultures to open ones. Built as a practical guide, this Open Perspective on talent management is for anyone constructing a more dynamic—and humane—place to work.

The work is available for immediate download.

Source code is also available. Open Perspectives join the ever-growing library of books and other printed materials from the Open Organization project. As always, the community invites your comment and contribution.

Today we’ve released our first update to the Open Perspectives series. Author @JosGroen has updated his issue on talent management in open organizations to include case studies, additional examples, and a new introduction. You can read the perspective right away!

Additional details are available in release notes.