September 05, 2019 Meeting

Meeting conducted at 16:00 Eastern / 20:00 UTC / 21:00 CET

U.S. Dial-in number: 408.915.6466
Meeting ID: 4569610770

Ambassador Updates

Allison: Offers an update on Red Hat Summit (see below)

Jen: Bunch of things happening right now (sleep is looking like a rare commodity). Preparing for the ICA conference in Romania (with @laura and We Are Open Co-Op). Topics include D&I, cybersecurity, becoming an open organization, and more. Will be paying Dracula a visit. Beer situation is looking excellent. Beginning new work with a blockchain initiative in the U.S. (project management, etc.). Government work between now and the end of the year. Re-engaging Nomad Mode.

Michael: Thanks to @jenkelchner and @Bryan for collaboration on new article (just published). Thinking through his next piece: What is the definition of “working remotely”? What does a fully remote company look like? (Michael solicits feedback on resources and the team offers their suggestions in a productive dialog.)

Ron: Article on burnout was most-read in August (nice!). Working on his second draft of piece on Fourth Generation Nuclear Power (implications for energy consumption, desalinization, and more). How can we encourage collaboration and transparency between the disparate entities involved in these efforts? @Bryan will be editing the piece in a day or two. Officially retiring at the end of the month. Traveling to Nashville in November (and plans to stop by Raleigh!). Look for him around November 13. (Short primer on international drivers’ licenses).

Publication Updates

  • The publication queue is looking healthy for September.
  • Ben, Jen, Angela, and Ron all have new writing in the works.

Project Updates

  • The Guide for Educators launch is imminent! (Community secret: You can already download and buy the paperback!)
  • Bryan will ensure that you all get copies from Lulu.
  • Bryan sent emails with promotional resources (use only if you like/prefer)

Conference Updates

  • Laura: Update on OSS Europe?
  • Jen: Two upcoming speaking engagements?
  • Red Hat Summit
    • Now accepting proposals
    • @amatlack is a track lead for the Open Digital Transformation track this year. She explains the track vision and guidelines so our submissions are as relevant and appropriate as possible. Use the guide on the website to ensure that language in proposals ties directly to those prompts. Remember too that Red Hat Summit is a Red Hat event, so proposals that demonstrate specific ties to Red Hat products, services, partners, and/or customers are your surest wins. Panels are not an ideal content type (so think otherwise). Look for ways to talk about proven methods that have worked for you in the past (cases, etc.).
  • All Things Open

My update on OSS Europe is that I’ve done nothing at all and need to find a bit of time to plan my session :open_mouth: