September 18, 2023 Meeting

September 18, 2023 Meeting

Meeting at 08:30 Eastern / 13:30 UTC / 14:30 CET


  • Ron
  • Heidi
  • Allison
  • Heather
  • Jimmy

Project Updates


Openorg-list decommissioned. Archive will stay up at but unclear how long and how access will be maintained. Today access to archives are only for list members. Should we publish the archive on GitHub? Could that have privacy implications?

  • concern about publishing emails especially if not public before.
  • So archive for ourselves - if you are on the emailing list, you can go to the listman list abive and view archives. Please do soon, since we don’t know how long this will be available.

Discourse update

Need to discuss Discourse and whether we want to keep it, which means using it, getting more people to use it, etc. Runs out April 2024

  • the idea was to use it for documents/discussion specifically
  • Not many discussions on Github, only use it for meeting agenda
  • we could use GitHub for articles and point to Hedgedoc for those who prefer easier tech
  • it might not be our focus to build users on discourse so maybe we don’t need it
  • We need to focus on single sourcing our materials, and let this tool go
  • HedgeDoc is a RH supported platform…
  • an alternative platform

Update Ambassador roster information is outdated, please review and update.

Publication Updates

  • replaces
  • contacting people about publication articles
  • Heather is publishing work related content
  • We should follow a publishing pipeline before publishing to - this is to help us edit and review our own work
  • Jim Hall has a website to publish on, adds “reposted from” on content -
  • Heather offered to discuss editing process to understand this before we decide on a process, include Bryan

Publishing process - for discussion/iteration

New article process

  • create a hedgedoc , get it reviewed by your choice of people
  • publish it to Discourse or
  • later, iterate

Reposting articles

  • need conversation with before publishing more, elsewhere


  • anyone want manager access to LinkedIn?
  • propose that we publish items in our own The Open Organization for Shabnoor to repost in her Open Leadership group
    – to keep our own audience engaged
  • Link to The Open Organization

Ambassador agenda items

  • Ron: what is, 3-part articles for Open Leadership Community (Shabnoor’s), Does anyone know What is the Open Leadership Network?, Jim Hall’s new website (got editing help on 3-part article)

Ambassador Updates

  • Allison - publishing GitHub Engineering internal comms guidance (on remote-first, async culture practices) under CC BY-SA with accompanying blog post; hopefully by end of October
  • Heather - working with Laura to reframe governance for communities, working on aligning to Open Org; now a Fellow for !!
  • Ron - reusing articles in different spaces, articles on start ups and alignment to our 5 principles (maybe an ebook since it’s 5-6 articles, should you consider a different format? ea chapter can standalone)
  • Heidi - beside looking for a job, I am turning my attention to maintaining the Open Leadership Definition and Assessment


No updates besides the openorg-list.

Next meeting

October 12, 2023.