The December 2019 Open Organization Ambassadors Report


{1} Editor’s Notes
{2} Ambassador Publications
{3} Site Stats
{4} Monthly Highlights
{5} Looking Ahead
{6} Ambassador Notes

{1} Editor’s Notes

And here it is—either the final report of 2019, or the first of 2020, depending on your perspective!

In December, open organization community materials generated 12,270 page views. We published four new articles, and our books received 268 total downloads. We also maintained top search positions for critical queries in our field.

My most sincere thanks to all our readers, writers, contributors, and ambassadors for everything they’ve done to make this community so spectacularly special. Observing our growth this year has been one of my most treasured privileges.

Editorially yours,

{2} Ambassador Publications

Ambassadors published the following articles in December:

{3} Site Stats

The most-read article of the month was:

Additional metrics:

  • Page views for December: 12,270 (November: 13,443; October: 15,053)
  • Organize for Innovation downloads in December: 60 (November: 54; October: 40)
  • Workbook downloads in December: 42 (November: 46; October: 41)
  • Guide to IT Culture Change downloads in December: 37 (November: 39; October: 43)
  • Guide for Educators downloads in December: 33 (November: 49; October: 116)
  • Leaders Manual downloads in December: 38 (November: 41; October: 35)
  • Field Guide downloads in December: 33 (November: 42; October: 44)
  • Open Organization Definition downloads in December: 25 (November: 29; October: 15)

{4} Monthly Highlights

2019 marked the fourth year of the Open Organization Initiative. In 2019, we saw:

  • 55 new, open-licensed community articles published
  • 170,184 page views to open organization community materials
  • 3,843 downloads of volumes in the Open Organization book series
  • 1,203 new Twitter followers
  • 52.17% open rate and 8.98% clickthrough rate from our newsletter
  • No. 1 search position for query “what is open organization”

Topping numbers like that in 2020 will certainly be challenging. But as the open organization community never ceases to amaze, I have no doubt we will.

{5} Looking Ahead

  • The next Open Organization Ambassadors meeting will occur January 16, 2020, at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. A meeting agenda is taking shape.[1] All attendees are welcome (encouraged!) to add their items to it.

[1] January 16, 2020 Meeting Notes

{6} Ambassador Notes

Heather Leson

“I recently retired from the board of the Open Street Map Foundation and cited the Open Organization Definition in my farewell blog post. It’s now live.[1] I also mentioned open organizations on a recent podcast.”[2]

Ron McFarland

“I’m working on two new articles for 2020. The first is a detailed follow-up to an article on communication technology (releasing in early January). I am also considering a review of the book Nine Lies about Work,[3] a good read that have given me a few ideas to think about.”


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(Happy new year!—BB)