The December 2020 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

In December, the Open Organization community published the first edition of its latest book, Human at a Distance: An Open Organization Guide to Distributed Teamwork. We also launched our official presence on LinkedIn. As we move into 2021, we’re planning for some major community initiatives. Read the full report for more detail—and please get involved!

Community Publications

The Open Organization community published the following materials:

Monthly Highlights

  • The Open Organization community has published Human at a Distance: An Open Organization Guide to Distributed Teamwork, the latest installment of its openly licensed book series. The release includes chapters from roughly a dozen authors, an introduction from ambassador @bcotton, and a cover by ambassador and book co-editor @Laura. The book will receive its first update—and a paperback release—in the first quarter of 2021.
  • The Open Organization project is now on LinkedIn. We’ll be using the platform to engage with new audiences and extend our work’s reach. Join us!

Key Discussions

  • A 2021 Strategy Workshop: Several Open Organization Ambassadors are discussing plans for a 2021 community strategy workshop, to be held virtually on Tuesday, January 19. We could use your help planning and shaping the event. Jump in!
  • Pod and/or Video Castin’: 2021 looks to be the year the Open Organization project expands its media offerings. We’re discussing possibilities for audio-, video-, and multimedia-based offerings. Do you have experience in these areas? We could use your input.

Looking Ahead

  • The Open Organization project will conduct its annual planning workshop on Tuesday, January 19. This session also serves as the community’s monthly meeting. An agenda is taking shape, and we welcome all input on it.
  • It’s never too early to begin planning your community contributions for 2021. Take a look at our editorial tracker to see where you can make an impact!

Ambassador Notes

  • @ronmcfarl writes: “I’ll publish my next article on January 03. It’s about open principles’ role in the future of work. The next two installments of that series are in editing. I’ve recently read the book The Age of Sustainable Development and will write about the role open principles will play in creating a sustainable future. I’ll probably work on that in February. I’ve also read The Business Reinvention of Japan and am considering writing about it—in particular, about the ways Japan has collaborated on many projects (and the role of transparency in those projects). My target date for that is March. At the moment, I’m reading One Belt One Road, and in April I’ll likely write a review of the book that describes how open principles are impacting various infrastructure projects.”


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