The December 2021 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

The Open Organization closed 2021 by publishing a handful of new resources and diving headfirst into 2022 project strategy planning. It’s a great time to get involved in an aspect of the project that interests you. Read the full report to learn more about everything we’re up to.

Community Publications

Monthly Highlights

Key Discussions

Looking Ahead

  • Open Organization Ambassdors will conduct a 2022 strategy planning workshop with sessions running from January 10 through January 21. We’ll be talking about evolving our community governance model, imagining our target audience, building our contributor pipeline, and refreshing our website. Read the discussion, mark your calendars, and join us!
  • In light of 2022 strategy sessions, Open Organization Ambassadors will not host a monthly community call in January. We’ll resume those calls in February 2022!

Ambassador Notes

Jos Groen

I’m creating a webinar series for C-level and middle management with Red Hat Benelux on “Why open?,” which covers" open organization, open leadership. I’m also creating a workshop series on the topics open organization characteristics and open leadership. I will soon get to finish an eBook on Transformational Leadership in practice; it’s a practical leadership guide to assisting an organization as it transforms from conventional to open through a hybrid state.

Ben Owens

Open Way Learning has pivoted away from a traditional workshop model to primarily providing individual or small team support in schools (mostly virtual, but some face-to-face). This is reflective of the reality of teachers and school administrators being burned out. Rather than expecting educators to come to us, we are going to them, when and where they are available. We are also doing so with an open, asset-based model of co-design (as opposed to a traditional coaching model) so that everyone in the discussion is on equal footing as we identify and develop prototype ideas for continuous improvement. You will notice that the approach is rooted in the elements of open org! Additionally, I had a chance to meet with Jennifer Andrulewicz, the VP of New Business & Strategic Partnerships at Britannica. She was keenly interested in open principles in general and OER in particular.

Ron McFarland

I am preparing my session for the community’s annual strategy workshop. My session occurs on January 18, 2022, when participants will work together to write a one-sentence “who” statement about our target audience. For those able to attend, please ]submit a 15-word statement on whom we serve](Imagining our target audience - HedgeDoc). That will enrich the discussion. I am also preparing a new presentation on open societies. It’s based on my reading of the book Open: The Story Of Human Progress by Johan Norberg. I’ve already discussed the book with Bryan and Brook Manville, and we are aiming to produce some joint work on it. My part involves a presentation on ways open organization principles
play a role in societies’ development.


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