The February 2020 Open Organization Ambassadors Report

Editor’s Notes

Welcome to the February 2020 Open Organization Ambassadors Report!

February saw higher-than-usual traffic to open organization articles and resources. The open organization community published four new articles in February, and our materials generated 16,443 page views at Moreover, volumes in the Open Organization book series were downloaded 276 times.

Read on to see what the open organization community accomplished in February—and what’s in store for the months ahead!

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Ambassador Publications

Ambassadors published the following articles in February:

Site Stats

The most-read article of the month was:

Additional metrics:

  • Page views for February: 16,443 (January: 15,200; December: 12,270)

  • Organize for Innovation downloads in February: 38 (January: 73; December: 33)

  • Workbook downloads in February: 54 (January: 63; December: 42)

  • Guide to IT Culture Change downloads in February: 33 (January: 36; December: 37)

  • Guide for Educators downloads in February: 28 (January: 41; December: 33)

  • Leaders Manual downloads in February: 41 (January: 54; December: 38)

  • Field Guide downloads in February: 48 (January: 47; December: 33)

  • Open Organization Definition downloads in February: 34 (January: 22; December: 25)

Monthly Highlights

  • The open organization community is preparing for Red Hat Summit. In San Francisco this year, a group of Open Organization Ambassadors will exhibit in Community Central on the expo hall floor at the Moscone Center. Be sure to stop by and ask us your challenging questions about organizational culture and design!

Looking Ahead

  • The next meeting of the Open Organization Ambassadors will occur March 12 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. Anyone attending should feel free to edit the meeting agenda. Anyone not attending should feel free to add their own notes and updates to the agenda.

  • Bryan will be compiling a booth staff schedule for our planned exhibition at Red Hat Summit. If you indicated that you plan on attending the event, expect an email asking about your plans and schedules!

Ambassador Notes

  • Laura Hilliger writes: “I’ve been doing some press on the Greenpeace/Red Hat collaboration and started capturing the URLs in a Media Kit on my site. I’ve built this page especially for recent press after realizing that self promotion is my own responsibility (hence the term “self” promotion). I’m trying to get my website up-to-useful and I’m always happy for feedback from the open organization community.”

  • Ben Owens writes: “I’ve been working on an Open Way Learnin Maturity Model and welcome candid feedback on it. Ambassadors may already be familiar with the OWL Model, so they might be able to provide insight as to how it could be used with schools or other organizations looking for ways to be more innovative, learner focused, and obviously open. Just note that the slides would not be used in presentation mode because it is admittedly text heavy, but rather in one-on-one or small groups after first familizaring folks with the overall concept.”

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(See you in the spring!—BB)