The February 2021 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

The Open Organization project began construction of its YouTube channel in February, evolving editorial processes and creating new community roles to support the effort. We’ve also been discussing open leadership, upcoming events, flywheels, and sustainable economic development. Read the full report for more!

Community Publications

Monthly Highlights

  • We’re developing a YouTube channel! And the community has appointed its first multimedia maintainer to spearhead the effort. @jenkelchner has taken on the role. Look for more exciting news soon.

Key Discussions

  • Multimedia Content - Video: Thinking about ways you might engaging with the soon-to-launch Open Organization YouTube channel? @jenkelchner invites you to strategize.
  • YouTube Intro to Open Org Channel: We’re discussing production of a 60-second video introduction to the Open Organization project and community. Want to help? Join this conversation on GitHub.
  • Open Leadership Definition: Community members continue to discuss the possibility of crating an upstream Open Leadership Definition useful for any organization thinking of cultivating open leaders. If you’ve got experience in this area, you’ll want to join this one.

Looking Ahead

  • The next Open Organization community meeting will occur Thursday, March 18 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. The meeting agenda is now open for participants to add discussion items.
  • The Open Organization project is preparing for its annual appearance in Community Central at Red Hat Summit. We’ll be hosting a virtual booth at this year’s event April 27 and 28. Open Organization Ambasadors plan to create custom booth materials for attendees and host community office hours at the event.
  • Our community’s editorial board is bursting with exciting ideas and works-in-progress. Want to make your own contribution? Peruse open issues or open your own!

Ambassador Notes

  • @bcotton writes: “My lightning talk, The Flywheel Theory of Community Enagement, was
    the most-upvoted of the DevConf.CZ 2021 lightning talks.”
  • @laura writes: “Just a note to say :wave: and let everyone know I’m writing notes from the field. My co-op and I are working with 10+ UK-based charities and using open principles along the way. My recent posts on We Are Open Co-op’s blog share loads of juicy tips for organizing projects and people around digital transformation projects.”
  • @ronmcfarl writes: "I have written an article on based on The Age of Sustainable Development by Jeffrey Sachs, which explores how open organization principles are playing a role. We are planning on how to post and present that material, possibly using some of that material for a presentation on YouTube. I have also read the book The Business Reinvention of Japan by Ulrike Schaede. I have just
    written a draft article on it. Japan has had to make major business model changes over the past couple of decades, and open organization principles have played a role in them. Additionally, I have read reading One Belt One Road, Chinese Power Meets the World. I think open organization principles will help bring China more into the international community to solve global issues. I will start writing that article shortly. Finally, I’m thinking of writing about business ‘stakeholders’ and where open organization principles can be used. This is an issue that I have been thinking about for at least five years, as too many companies only respond to shareholder pressure for profits. I just learned of a book on this subject called, Stakeholder Capitalism: A Global Economy that Works for
    Progress, People and Planet
    , and just ordered it. I hope to read it within the next couple of months.
  • @ben.openwaylearning writes: “I’m working on coordinating a panel discussion on how open organiozation principles can have a greater impact in the education space. And we’re are in talks to partner with a well-respected education media and advocacy group with an international reach.”
  • @Bryan writes: “I’m working on several editorial projects with other Open Organization Ambassadors this month, helping @HeidiHVL, @ronmcfarl, and @JosGroen bring their respective series to readers (and soon, viewers!).”


Filed February 25 by Bryan Behrenshausen