The February 2022 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

In February, the Open Organization community continued work it began during January strategy workshops, which includes drafting possible updates to our community governance documents. Meanwhile, community members have been discussing open societies, assessments of open leadership, our collective understanding of who our community serves, and our project website. Read the entire report to learn more.

Community Publications

(The Open Organization project published no new articles or videos in February.)

Monthly Highlights

  • In January, Open Organization Ambassadors to discuss and establish 2022 community strategy. In February, fruits of those efforts began to appear—most notably in the form of various community project and governance conversations. See details below.
  • Ambassador @HeidiHVL reports that the working group preparing an Open Leadership Assessment is making progress. Connect with her if you’re interested in learning more.

Key Discussions

  • Thank you, Jen Kelchner: Open Organization Ambassador @jenkelchner assumes “Ambassador Emeritus” status this month, and we wish her well. We also begin searching for someone to assist with our multimedia materials and coordinate production for OpenOrgTV. Might that be you? Jump in.
  • Understanding who we serve: Following his annual planning workshop, Ambassador @ronmcfarl advances the discussion of the community’s “target customer”—the persona our community serves. He asks folks to chime in.
  • Updating community ambassador role: Is it time to refresh the Open Organization Ambassador program description? We’re discussing possible criteria for distinguishing “active” Open Organization Ambassadors from “Emeritus” members, and we’d love your feedback.

Looking Ahead

  • The next Open Organization community call will occur March 10, 2022 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. The agenda is open and attendees can add proposed items.

Ambassador Notes

Ron McFarland

This month and going into next month, I’ll be working on several projects concurrently.

  1. One-sentence “WHO” statement: I am asking everyone to upgrade their sentences with the keywords learned in our workshop. That will continue to evolve.

  2. Article on open societies: I presented the first article on “Open: The Story Of Human Progress” by Johan Norberg. @Bryan and @Brook1950 have reviewed it and it should go into production soon. That will lead to other articles and probably a video discussion on the book and the topics it addresses.

  3. Project scheduling: I have had a meeting with @Bryan, and we roughly have a schedule of articles into the months ahead. I’m now compiling just some notes on the book Smart Thinking by Art Markman which will lead to developing habits that allow open organizational behaviors to emerge. Once I finish that, in alignment with Earth Day I’ll start working on an article on Bill Gates’ book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. In his book, Gates gives many examples of where his foundation and the world could invest to combat climate change. Those could also be considered open organization projects. I think this might be just the start of several articles regarding the environment, as I’ve now read several books on the subject.

Jos Groen

Carrie Carrasco and I are working on a UK-language webinar and workshop series in partnership with Red Hat Red Hat in the Netherlands. We expect to record it professionally in march and launch the campaign in April, aiming at C-level and senior executives to be addressed and invited to be curious for Open. I’m also preparing a “use case” detailing my latest transformation from a conventional organization to an open one. Now waiting for initial impressions from @Bryan and I’m curios where it goes from there.

Bryan Behrenshausen

My February consisted largely of editorial work as I assisted community members with their writing and publishing efforts. With @ronmcfarl and @Brook1950, I moved forward on extensive reviews of Johan Norberg’s book Open, which we’ll be publishing as a series in March. I also worked with @laura and @heatherleson on their forthcoming issue of Open Perspectives (about open humanitarian/non-profit organizations). Similarly,I’ll be working with @JosGroen to update his own installment in the series. I’m part of @HeidiHVL’s working group tasked with creating an assessment tool to accompany the Open Leadership Definition and contributed editorial time to the project in February. And with @laura I’m making slow but steady progress architecting a new Open Organization project website.


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