The Janaury 2021 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

In January, the Open Organization community held its annual project strategy workshop, which has spurred several productive, ongoing conversations. We’ve clearly got many great things in store for 2021. Read the full report to learn more about them—and to learn how you can get involved.

Community Publications

Monthly Highlights

  • On January 19, Open Organization Ambassadors gathered for a 2021 project strategy workshop. We discussed various refinements to our social media and editorial strategies, and we agreed to experiment with additional multimedia publications this year (including video!). Did you miss the session? You can see the agenda and view a recording of the entire session. Have more to add? Please join the conversation.
  • We’ve released a new version of The Open Organization Leaders Manual, Second Edition. Version 2.3 includes formatting and typographical fixes, but no new chapters. The book is available on GitHub and at

Key Discussions

  • Establishing a production process: Following the 2021 strategy session, we’re noodling on some revisions to our publication/production process so that it’s more inclusive, collaborative, and applicable to non-print work. Feedback welcome!
  • Video materials maintainer: As we prepare to launch a community YouTube channel, we’re discussing the utility of adopting a “video maintainer” role—someone to guide the work involved.
  • Open organizations and cognitive diversity (series planning): The 2021 strategy workshop revealed a desire to publish more about open organizations mental health, and cognitive/neurodiversity this year (see also GitHub). So we’re resuming a discussion on these topics and laying out editorial options and priorities. Want to contribute? Just jump in.
  • Open Leadership Definition: In this more public discussion, contributors are discussing the possibility and merit of creating something like an “Open Leadership Definition” (in the spirit of the Open Organization Definition). Activity here is energizing; don’t miss this one.

Looking Ahead

Ambassador Notes

  • @heatherleson rites: “I wrote about coping in times of change for the Grey Swan Guild.”
  • @ronmcfarl writes: “I’m working on an article on Addressing Sustainable Global Development and the role Open Organization Principles are playing. I’ve written around 7,000 words, as this is a huge subject with many environmental and human impact factors, but it is an issue the global community must take very seriously.”
  • @laura writes: “I’m happy to report that my cooperative, We Are Open, has been awarded another project through the Catalyst fund. We Are Open will be working with 11 different UK based charities. I like this a whole lot, because it’s teaching and modeling open principles and working openly all while helping charities deal with the realities of the Now. Do you have a digital transformation, techie or culture project you need some experts on? Get in touch!
  • @JosGroen writes: “I’ve written an article about talent management (it’s nine pages long), which is currently being translated in English. It will constitute an article series in five parts. I will bring it to GitHub so ambassadors can add and discuss for an even better final article.”


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