The January 2020 Open Organization Ambassadors Report

Editor’s Notes

Greetings, happy new year, and welcome one and all to the first Open Organization Ambassadors report of 2020!

January was a quieter month for the open organization community at, as we emerged from winter hiatus to resume publishing on January 14. Nevertheless, the month saw three new articles (two from ambassadors) and 15,200 page views across all our materials. Volumes in the Open Organization book series were downloaded 336 times.

Read on to learn what the Open Organization Ambassadors—and the broader open organization community—were up to last month!

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Ambassador Publications

Ambassadors published the following articles in January:

Site Stats

The most-read article of the month was:

Page views

  • Page views for January: 15,200 (December: 12,270; November: 13,443)


  • Organize for Innovation downloads in January: 73 (December: 60; November: 54)
  • Workbook downloads in January: 63 (December: 42; November: 46)
  • Guide to IT Culture Change downloads in January: 36 (December: 37; November: 39)
  • Guide for Educators downloads in January: 41 (December: 33; November: 49)
  • Leaders Manual downloads in January: 54 (December: 38; November: 41)
  • Field Guide downloads in January: 47 (December: 33; November: 42)
  • Open Organization Definition downloads in January: 22 (December: 25; November: 29)

Monthly Highlights

Looking Ahead

  • Mark your calendars: The next meeting of the Open Organization Ambassadors will occur Thursday, February 13 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. Anyone attending should add discussion items to the agenda-in-progress.

Ambassador Notes

  • Ben Owens writes: “I was featured in last week’s Transcend Learning webinar to discuss Open Way Learning—both the book and the non-profit. I also took the opportunity to talk about open source principles and plug the Open Organization Guide for Educators.”

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(See you when the ides of March have come!—BB)