The January 2022 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

In January the Open Organization community conducted its annual planning and strategy workshop with a two-week series of synchronous workshops and asynchronous planning activities. Now we’re working on updates to our website and governance structures while thinking and writing about open societies, open leadership, open strategy, and neurodiversity at work. Read the full report to learn more and see how you can get involved.

Community Publications

Monthly Highlights

  • In January, the Open Organization community participated in its annual planning and strategy workshop. This year, the workshop consisted of several remote, synchronous sessions that occurred throughout the second half of the month. Conversation was lively and productive. Read the recap to learn more.
  • Open Organization Ambassadors @HeidiHVL and @Bryan published a handy dandy one-page reference guide to the Open Leadership Definition. It’s openly licensed and you can download and share it now!

Key Discussions

  • Redesigning the home page: Open Organization Ambassador @laura is leading review and discussion of our project home page, coordinating a rennovation that will occur in 2022. Want to help? Head on over and chime in.
  • Open Organization editorial calendar: Interested in making a contribution to the Open Organization project? Review our editorial board and get in touch!

Looking Ahead

  • The next Open Organization community meeting will occur February 10 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. Meeting notes are now open for additions. We plan to reserve a significant portion of time at this meeting to review outcomes and next steps that have emerged in light of our annual strategy and planning sessions.
  • Beginning February 1, Ambassadors Heidi @HeidiHVL and @Bryan will co-lead development of an open leadership assessment with a working group of other Ambassadors and interested parties. Our first meeting will align on purpose, meeting cadence, and other details. We hope to have something for internal review in June, external review in July, and publication in August. Connect with Heidi if you’d like to participate.

Ambassador Notes

Ben Cotton

I released Program Management for Open Source Projects in beta.

Jos Groen

I’m collaborating with Red Hat on a new series of publications about open organization characteristics in practice. I’ll be launching the work as part of a joint campaign. I’m also developing a webinar and workshop series to invite C-level executives and HR/CPO’s to consider “open” as a proven and sustainable organizational approach for partners, customers, and prospects in the BeNeLux and/or EMEA area. HBRD will follow up and guide the transformation.

Laura Hilliger

This month, we kicked off another open project at Greenpeace International and are bringing open to Julie’s Bicycle, a non-profit focused on the arts and culture sections. This has been the busiest Janaury ever, but we are starting to look for new work for later in the year. Get in touch!!

Ron McFarland

This month was mainly our workshop month. I attended all the meetings. From now on, here is what I’m working on.

  1. One-sentence “WHO” Workshop: We had our workshop on an envisioned customer target. I gave the presentation and had everyone present their one-sentence descriptions. I didn’t get into evaluating any of the sentences during the meeting. The next few days after the meeting, I tried to combine all their sentences into one. I presented it during Laura’s workshop to see if we could match it to our website. I came up with this sentence: “(Ron) ‘Open Org mentor’: We mentor individuals and executives to broaden their physical and virtual network to build and collaborate with allies, to increase sustainable innovation and spark joy for the common good.” (29 words) I would like this sentence to be the raw material for discussion during our monthly meetings. For one thing, it is too long. Also, I think the title “Open Org mentor” probably should be “Open Org mentor wanted.” A “WHAT” sentence will, I think, be far easier to construct.

  2. Presentation on Open Societies: I delivered to @Bryan and @Brook1950 a presentation on the book “Open: The Story Of Human Progress” by Johan Norberg. Brook prepared some notes on the book, which I’m reviewing now. We will have further meetings.

  3. Project scheduling discussion for the year: Once the dust settles a bit, I would like to discuss with Bryan what to work on from now until the end of the year. It would be nice if I had a rough schedule of activities I could work on that won’t be too taxing on the system or anyone.

Bryan Behrenshausen

I’m feeling energized by the various projects in which other Ambassadors have invited me to participate. With @ronmcfarl I’m working on a comprehensive book review. With @laura and @heatherleson I’m working on the next installment of the Open Perspectives series (and perhaps with @samknuth, too, depending on the direction he’d like to take his recent writing on neurodiversity in open organizations) With @HeidiHVL I’m working on an assessment component to the Open Leadership Definition. And I’m adding what I can do various post-planning discussions, assisting @jenkelchner with envisioning an evolved community governance model and @laura with updating our website. It’s going to be a great year.


Filed January 31, 2022 by Bryan Behrenshausen