The July 2020 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

The Open Organization community published two new resources in July, and continued work on its next book, The Open Organization Guide to Distributed Teamwork. Following a design sprint, the community also made significant progress architecting its new website.

Community Publications

The Open Organization community published the following materials:

Monthly Highlights

  • Work on the Open Organization project’s next book continued in July. Last month, the community released a “preview version” of The Open Organization Guide to Distributed Teamwork, which is now available for download. In July, the community continued accepting contributions to this book-in-progress. Please consider pitching your own chapter—or even helping edit and proofread the great work already submitted.
  • Construction of the Open Organization community’s new website continued in July. Open Organization Ambassadors @laura and @jonasrosland led a development sprint (website jam!) to move the work forward significantly. We now have a staging environment and development branch where the new site is taking shape, and we welcome any and all feedback and assistance there.

Looking Ahead

  • The next meeting of the Open Organization Ambassadors will occur Thursday, August 13 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. The meeting agenda is open for input and modification.
  • The Open Organization community aims to make even more progress on its new website in August, with the aim of launching it before the fall. If you’d like to assist, please don’t hesitate to join the effort. Review our ongoing issues on GitHub and reach out to anyone on the community’s web team.

Ambassador Notes

  • @ronmcfarl writes: “I’m working on drafts the second and third articles in my series on open organization principles and globalization. @Bryan and I are editing them both and cutting them down to a more reasonable length. Now, I’m exploring potential connections between innovation and open organization principles through history. I’m planning to have a draft of that in August.”


Filed July 31, 2020 by Bryan Behrenshausen